need new boots

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hi can any1 give me advice on what boots to buy

my budget is under $300

i play left wing sometimes striker.

i want something light, comfortable and nice looking

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I'd recommend the nike mercurial vapors. I've just got my second and they're amazing :-) one warning tho, they smell of cat pee when they get wet! :-(

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you can try the Vapors, adipure or the Puma V1s

Vapor: light, good feel, comfortable once broken into. Studs likely to break apart from boots after some time. Lace covers can be somewhat irritating.

adipure: not as light as vaps, great feel, comfortable from the very start. Side lacing may make your feet look fat. leather needs to be looked after carefully.

Puma V1s: i have not tried it before but i think it should be light and more durable than vapors.

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