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FG boots for sale

Post by PrinceBalthazar » 02 Apr 2010, 00:32

I have the following boots for sale:

Adidas AdiPure III (Blk/Wht)- Size 9.5

Nike AZT 90 Laser II (Wht/Blk/Gld) - Size 9

Nike Tiempo Classic Lite (Blk/Wht/Lime Green) - Size 9.5

Nike Mercurial Vapor V (Org/Slv/Nvy) w/lace cover removed - Size 9

All of these boots have been worn extremely lightly, as I got a new job a bit ago and was able to indulge my inner boot-whore, but have only been played in indoors on artificial grass for the most part. I'm not looking to make any kind of profit on these, but they are all basically brand new, so I'm open to offers. Check out the link. The vapors aren't on there, but I can provide pictures if there's interest. Email me with thoughts, offers, or questions - ... o%20Pitch/

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Post by bboowwyy » 07 Apr 2010, 07:51

i'm clearing out most of boots.
Sizes range from 7.5 to 11.5 so contact me for specific sizes and prices and more pics.
Items are located in Sydney, Australia and can be shipped most places.
pictures found here - ... 599549953/

please email me at for any more info/questions etc.

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mercurial sl

Post by james_torres9 » 08 Apr 2010, 10:19

anyone got a pair of mercurial sl full carbons size 9uk-10uk 10us-11us they're looking at selling?
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Post by vujojosh » 10 Apr 2010, 18:19

These are a like new pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly in a size 9US. These are the yellow ones that I used for only half an hour and decided that they were too small. They come with the original box and the two boot bags. I am looking for $300 for them. If you are interested, PM me at

Her are pics ... photo1.jpg ... photo3.jpg ... photo4.jpg ... /photo.jpg ... photo2.jpg

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Post by panchester07 » 08 Jun 2010, 00:37

I haven't seen one on this site, so I figured I'd start one. This is a place you can just list your boots for sale....or if you are looking for some that others may know where to look.

My F50i's are for sale if anyone is a 11 US. Comes with 2 uppers(K-Leather & SprintSkin), 2 chassis(Comfort and Lightweight), 2 insoles(Comfort and Lightweight), almost 4 sets of studs(1 SG, 1 HG, 2 FG but missing one back stud), stud wrench, box. Excellent condition. If anyone needs additional pictures or is interested, just let me know.

hey tommygun I'll give you 80 for those f50's ..they look like they are smelly a bit so I can't give you 90 :wink:

Common what do you say.. :) 8) :D :P :wink: ?? Eh??
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Post by TommyGun » 08 Jun 2010, 03:41

Haha, they smell like leather food and dryer sheets =)

I have quite a few watchers on it so hopefully they'll sell on the first go. If not, I'll sling em to you for $80 haha. I have to make room for my Adizero's on the way =)

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Post by bboowwyy » 26 Jun 2010, 05:33

nike mercurial SL ice/blue US 10 - ... %3DSelling

nike mercurial vapor iii zinc/tart US 10 - ... 500wt_1154

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Post by Flyingmoose » 03 Jul 2010, 17:53

I'm looking for gold/black adipure 2's size 9.5 If anyone has it I will pay w/ paypal or swap for it.

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Post by ImpossibleIsNothing6 » 04 Jul 2010, 11:44

I'm a size 6US in F30.8 and most adidas boots, I'm looking for my first professional boots, something real, I'm sick of my synthetic pieces of crap.

So anything real in a 6US, I've only got 50 bucks in Australian dollars however, Ebay prefered. Thanks in return.

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Post by mrbeankid22 » 04 Jul 2010, 14:30

You are lucky my friend, you can get top class boots in size 6 on ebay for dirt cheap brand new.

Brand new Nike Air Legend II's and III's brand new, very nice K-leather boots that are very durable and have great feel for the ball. ... 293wt_1130 ... 293wt_1130 ... 293wt_1130 ... 270wt_1130 ... 293wt_1130

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Post by ImpossibleIsNothing6 » 05 Jul 2010, 07:29

Thanks for the links man :)

I havn't been able to get on eBay due to it's filtering on my laptop, an havn't been ale to get on my home PC. Cheers.

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Post by Canadianfooty » 08 Jul 2010, 16:45

if you are running on that tight of a budget, may I suggest checking out Pro Direct Soccer and looking at the Nike "touch" section I believe and they have loads of the Tiempos range on sale. Also you can check out the Adidas section "heritage" and look at the adipures.

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Post by snell » 21 Jul 2010, 10:22

Nike Mercurial IV Citron SG Size UK 11 ... 0562723529

Nike Mercurial Talaria Black FG Size UK 11 ... :MESELX:IT

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Nike Air Legend II White/White

Post by gcusoccer19 » 08 Aug 2010, 16:49

Selling basically brand new pair of Nike Air Legend II's all white color, in great condition wore ONLY once to practice to find they r too big for my feet. Size 11. If anyone wants to purchase let me know.

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Need Nike Air Legends

Post by caesar » 26 Jan 2011, 07:42

What's good, people?

I am in need of the Nike Air Legend I Gold/White R10 FG edition in size 11.5. I believe that the first air legend is the best cleat to have been made ever, and that the gold/white r10 versions of it look the best ever too.

Anyway, If you have this cleat that is new or just barely used, I am willing to pay an inordinate amount of money for them. I've been looking for them for 4 years and haven't found them anywhere in my size.

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