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In my country there are only black/green lasers, there's no such thing as nike customer's service (only guarantee which is never considered positively to customer) and prices are veeeery high (example- normal powerswerves are as expensive here as mercurials sl in US. :shock:
Crazy country :?

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what i mean by nike customer service is go on nike.com and find thr customer sevice thrs no such thing as a nike customer service store lol. also i think nike has a outlet store on thr website. an out let store sells things really cheap so i wuld try tht to. and thr are a lot of online stores tht are based in europe. i would start a thread seeing which stores are bsaed in europe. also you culd try ebay i would suggest buying ur cleats online since u have such a small but expensive choice of cleats available to u in ur contry

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MUFC1994 wrote:mike one 29 does not no what hes talking about....adipures and legends are more for a mid/foward because they provide great touch. Defender/mid boots are total 90 lasers/ preds. but no boot is gunna make u kick that much harder get what feels comfortable if u like nike and the total 90 then get the lasers. Also if ur "scared or leather".....? then get the synthtic lasers or the DB preds... but kangaroo lether provides a better touch
Yes i do know what im talking about thank you. You'll generally find defenders will wear boots with more protection. Im not gonna write out a list of which boots suit which postion. Most people should be able to work that out for themselfs

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First of all PiotrekDGT,

If you want to buy from soccer.com, their shipping internationally costs about 40 EU. I would recommend you try eBay as most Laser's listed on there are readily available at most sizes and end up going to about $100 USD (64 EU) a pop. If you tell me your US shoe size, I'll try to look for some for you. Shipping on eBay internationally ranges usually from $20-$40 and their shoes are cheaper than at the store, but you have to make sure your buying from a legit seller (which I can check for you if you find a listing ... I have almost 500 feedback hehe ... decent experience).

F50's may also be a good choice but they have been known in past models (.7 .6) to not be very durable. I think Adidas have improved this problem this time around with the .8's by changing the chassis and sock liner stuff. I have a friend who has had F50's, and the key to making sure they last a long time is making sure the studs are correctly inserted and to make sure they are tight but not extremely tight, or else this might cause the chassis to strip.

And boots are not made specifically for any position. Sure Nike may market Vapor IV's on attacking players like Ronaldo and Drogba, and have defenders wearing Laser II's in their commercial's, but it honestly doesn't matter as long as they are comfortable and the right size.

If you buy any K-Leather shoe, you don't need to worry too much. Just make sure to buy 'leather food' and apply it every time you see the leather is starting to harden. In fact just read 2Brown's nice guide about it and you will be all set:


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Thanks for proposition mrbeankid22, but I prefer buying off eBay.
Since I've lost about 500GBP last year buying TV from it (it never reaches my house, same like my cash payed for him :cry: ), I said no more eBay!
I prefer buying from real stores or internet ones.
Anyways thanx :wink:

Any more ideas my friends?

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well ebay is safe if you look at the users feedback only buy from people at 100 or very close to it feedback rating

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