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I know that many of you are getting blisters because you are using Vapors. Well, I recently got vapors and tried some things. On the first day I got terrible blisters, and some areas on my foot were even bleeding. So here's what I did to solve those problems. (Btw, I told 2 of my friends to do this and even though they often get blisters, they don't anymore)

1. Once you get the shoes, don't try to start playing right away.

2. Take 2 tennis balls, and put them in the back of your shoes.

3. Take a bath/shower!

4. When your done, put some vaseline around your foot.

5. Now, put on two pairs of socks.

6. Put some athletic tape around your socks if you have it.

7. Take out the tennis balls, wear your shoes and try doing some keepups or jogging for about 15-30 minutes.

8. Take a break for an hour and repeat. Do this 2-3 times.

9. Overnight, put the tennis balls back into your shoes.

10. On the next day, play soccer for an hour and check if your feet are hurting. If they are repeat steps 2-7.

11. Once your done with that, and your not getting any blisters, stop using the atheltic tape and stop using the vaseline.

12. After 3-4 days, only use one pair of socks and don't put on the vaseline.

13. And then, after about a week don't put the tennis balls in your shoes overnight.

14. If at any point you start getting blisters repeat the steps before....

Tell me how it goes!
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personally i think people who buy vapors are idiots

they know perfectly well they basically have a design flaw but still buy them just because of the way they look.

this guide may work but at the end of the day theres no way anyone should have to do all this just to break in new boots

my advise, buy some real boots :wink:

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Why the tennis balls?

Are you sure your meant to put Vaseline on your feet, blisters occur when there is both moisture and heat/friction/pressure.

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i agree with scott...people only buy vapors cause of their style,but in football boots comfort is more important...cause the better u fell with the shoes the better u r gonna doesnt do nething to your performance...

if u r gonna do all these jus not to get blisters u shud buy some good,comfy shoes in the first they r better boots than vapors out there e.g adipure... :D

btw nice work will help those who hav vapors..

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the tennis balls widen the back part of the shoe... For many people it works wonders as there is less pressure, try it! :wink:

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What if the vapours weren't too large, but rather too small for you? Cuz I got a blister from my Lasers which are apparently slightly small for me and it's been around for over a week now.

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