vapors making my heel hurt?

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ive had my vapors for awhile and suddenly my heel is starting to hurt when i start running and the squishy yellow stuff on my vapors dont help me at all! and im also starting to get blisters on the top part of my heel.
can someone help me solve this problem or just lose the vapors and wear my adidas copa mundial boots.

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your vapours might be getting old. or your foot might just be growing or something. u should wear your copa mundials 4 a while then go back 2 wearing ur vapours. if they feel the same theyre probably screwed

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noo, i think its something to do with your shape of your feet..It might be too flat for the boot,,there were players who had blisters..llike Ronaldo (Brazil) and Henry,etc..Next time try buying a boot fits to the shape of your feet,,like T90, Predator

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get inserts my friend had the same problem and it healed perfectly

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this is growing problems trust me, ive just recoverd from a really bad foot growing spree and the more sport you do the worse it is, at one point ihad to be carried to the car because my heels had seized up completely, they completely healed perfectly over christmas though and just as a tip u can really badly hurt your ankles and heels if you are flat footed sprinted during this growing time.

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It's not growing problems. Almost everyone I know who has had Vapors had blisters or sore heels when the got the shoe for the first couple of times they wore the shoe.
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