How to shrink my Copa Mundials?

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How to shrink my Copa Mundials?

Post by Markly23 »

I just got my pair of Copa Mundials, which are excellent, but I'd prefer them a bit tighter to my feet. Is it possible to shrink them? If so, can you post a feasible method of doing this? Thanks! They're kangaroo leather, by the way.
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Post by pickyourheadup »

I'm not entirely sure. I usually buy them a little small, and the kleather stretches to my foot.

You could try getting them wet with warm water and then leave them to dry.
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Post by ratherton »

Not really sure you can shrink them like you want. Maybe trying wearing a 2nd pair of socks??
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Post by avipbn »

Id suggest you google how to shrink clothes and start form there.

I think its soak them in warm or cold watter (unsure) then place them in the dryer (risk of damaging your cleats)
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Post by Rome_Leader »

avipbn wrote:Id suggest you google how to shrink clothes and start form there.
BADDD idea. What works for cotton MIGHT work for leather and other materials, but it's not likely to, and will probably do more harm than good. Look at boot specific solutions.
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Post by TommyGun »

yeah, you either need to wear 2 socks to try to make them fit....or get a smaller size. Did you buy them to grow into them or has your foot stopped growing now?
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Post by panchester07 »

Never heard of a person shrinking them shoes. I've gotten cleats or turfs that are .5 size bigger and haven't had mayor problems with them except for shooting, with 1 shoe that was big as hell.. Though I do understand that it can be a pain in the ass not to feel the ball completely when executing skills.

The time they where the biggest I just had to buy new cleats. I don't think there is anything you could do to shrink them.

The water idea sounds a bit logical but I don't think it will work.

Your best bet right now is maybe buying some cheap cleats (40$-50$) untill you have money to buy some expensive ones again. Say goodbye to the copa's. If I learnt one thing after playing so long is that its not the cleat its the player. Get a cleat that fits your foot properly, so if you bought Copa's then predators, tiempo's, or similar cleats of this type will be the best, but its not the cleat man. I've played with 40$ cleats great and with 200$ great. Once they are broken in properly, you'll perform well in whatever. Its how much you train that makes the difference not the cleat.
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Post by Markly23 »

Panchester, I agree with what you're saying that it isn't the boot, but the player. But I didn't buy these expecting better performance, I bought them because I read many reviews which said they were extremely comfortable. My only complaint with the vapors I always used is that they weren't too comfortable.

I did some more reading and advice from here and decided to just try soaking them in water and see what it did. (Couldn't return them as I had already played with them). The soaking certainly helped with the width, they fit me perfectly that way, but there was still too much room at the toe. This really irritates me when I shoot, but no matter if I soak them again, I can't make them shorter.

Oh well, I have another few months to a year in these vapors I have now, and then I can wear the Copas for awhile, not so bad. :P
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Post by 2brown347 »

Soaking the shoe helps the kangaroo leather form to your foot, so like you've figured out it won't help with length. You should usually get shoes a little small when you go for kangaroo leather (unless you're still growing) so when you soak it the shoe forms to your foot for a perfect fit.
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Post by Pikey »

put on your match day socks.
Tie the boots as you would for a game.
Get 2 bin bags - you know black garbage bags for U.S readers.
Put each foot inside a bin bag, wrap the boot around the foot - I secure with tape, around the upper ankle/ lower shin.
get a bucket/bath tub (bath yub is better as you can do them at the same time.
Boil some water, fill bucket or bath.
top up with cold water so you dont scold your feet - the water needs to be hot - as hot as possible.
Soak your feet in the boots for as long as the water takes to cool.
rip off bin bags
untie boots - towel excess water off - use an old towel.
use natural dubbing WHILE the boots are wet - not soaking as you should of towelled them off!
put 2 sheets of newspaper in each boot. Do not stuff the boot, as that will stretch the leather. 2 sheets should just absorb moisture from the insoles.
allow to dry naturally, away from sunlight.
if fit is still not as desired - repeat.
we are talking a good half size difference here though. The length of the sole really determines the outcome. For example, if your boot is 1 whole size to big, the length of the plastic sole will not shrink.

I used to do this at OM, so I know it works.
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Re: How to shrink my Copa Mundials?

Post by jambosafc »

Do you put the bin bags around the boots or around the sock then boot on top of bin bag/garbage bag?
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Re: How to shrink my Copa Mundials?

Post by Abramoluna1 »

Been long since I joined a community for some football. I also used to play for the streets till the covid 19 massacred us!
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