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by fawad000
11 May 2010, 18:13
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Brazil's squad
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It was already expected that Dunga would not take Ronaldo to wc 2010.I wanted to see him in the world cup but now he would not be there. Diego(Juve), ROnnie(Milan), Adriano(flamengo), alex(Chelsea) are also not included in the squad. Overall, Dunga has picked a very experienced and defensive minded ...
by fawad000
01 May 2010, 22:24
Forum: Skills
Topic: A question about : Speed and tricks
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In reply to your first question,you can do running on the hills,running on the steps,do high speed short sprints Etc.Moreover do some strength training for legs(e.g Lunges),It will help you to run faster.
Sorry,I can't help you with your 2nd question.
by fawad000
01 May 2010, 22:09
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Who should be "9" in Argentina..?
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Diego Maradona should play Militio alongwith Messi and Zarate.That would work quite well in my opinion. Height of Milito,dribbling of Messi and finishing of Zarate,deadly combo.
by fawad000
01 May 2010, 22:04
Forum: European Football
Topic: Champions League Final
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I see no reason why Inter won't win Champs league this season considering their whole defensive line is comprised of first team Brazilian-Argentinian players.Also,To Inter's advantage,Bayern's defense is sh*tty. (Do not get me wrong,Lahm and buyten are good at going forwards but at back they suck al...
by fawad000
29 Apr 2010, 21:17
Forum: World Cup
Topic: South Africa 2010 Groups..
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I guess these team would qualify from their respective groups.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H
by fawad000
29 Apr 2010, 21:05
Forum: European Football
Topic: Champions League Quarter/Semi final Draw
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And ppl talking about a great 10 man performance?seriously? It's easier to defend with 10 men than with 11. When 11, the players are more spread out, and there's more space, meanin 8 men in the penalty area whereas 10 men means everybody in the penalty area, on ultra defensive mode, just kickin the...
by fawad000
20 Apr 2010, 00:54
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Managing a Team
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Nice, This is precisely what I needed.Recently,I volunteered for the coaching position at my club and I need some help in this regard. I would appreciate it if you could answer some of my questions. 1) My biggest problem is I have a lot of attacking players with attacking mentality at my club.How ca...
by fawad000
20 Apr 2010, 00:38
Forum: Tactics
Topic: 4-3-3 Formation pros and cons
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Pros: More attacking options (Can have up to 7 players ) Imo Ideal formation for diagonal aerial balls Less running for the front 3 players Attacking players can shift as and when they like (except for the target man) More favorable for team-effort Cons: Less defending options Requires a midfield ma...
by fawad000
20 Apr 2010, 00:08
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: South Asian teams in the World Cup
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Australia is another story.They have players who play in top leagues (thanks to their European roots) and a top class Dutch coach for a past couple of years.Moreover,Aussie federation is paying more and more attention to the game whereas most of the stereotypical Asian teams either do not have enoug...
by fawad000
19 Apr 2010, 23:48
Forum: Players
Topic: who is the biggest young talent in world football today?
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I am not sure if you guys have heard about Romelu Lukaku.He broke into Anderlecht team this season and became their top scorer and help them win Belgian league.He's 6' 3 1/2 and he is just 16.He scored in Europa league as well against big teams like Ajax,hsv e.t.c.He is quite strong and looks a real...
by fawad000
11 Apr 2010, 21:07
Forum: European Football
Topic: Champions League Quarter/Semi final Draw
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I doubt it because HE doesn't do shyte with Portugal ever.. Its always someone else that decides the game for portugal.. He scored 1 goal in the Euro, and thats when he had just scored 42 with Man U.. He has a sort of "Messi" effect with his national team. He was carrying a knock at Euro so he did ...
by fawad000
08 Apr 2010, 13:52
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: South Asian teams in the World Cup
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Yeah Bangladesh is progressing but at a very steady pace
The team which surprised me in recent times is Maldives.Imo, they made the biggest improvement in South Asia during last 3-4 years.India is doing good as well.Sunil Chetri has signed for Kansas City wizards which plays in MLS.
by fawad000
08 Apr 2010, 13:44
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Working on Abs
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I am no expert on this but here are my views. For getting abs, 1) You need to do a lot of cardio activities to shed extra fat from the tummy.You need to have only 4-8 % fat of your total body weight from what I have learned.Your abs will not be revealed if there are layers of fat covering your tummy...
by fawad000
08 Apr 2010, 13:20
Forum: Community
Topic: Intro
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Hi everybody !
I am Fawad from Pakistan.I used to be here a long time back but then left and now I came back.I hope you guys are doing fine and I am looking forward to have a great time here. :D
by fawad000
27 May 2009, 21:36
Forum: European Football
Topic: Uefa Champions League final 2008/2009
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I think Saf did good,he made sensible changes but unfortunately it did not work out for Man u.It's not the fault of saf or any forward.Imo Manu lost because of their midfield and especially defense,rio and vidic are usually quit reliable but their performances were way below par.Eto killed vidic and...