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by footy_oaf
07 Dec 2008, 19:34
Forum: Skills
Topic: Your Greatest Nutmeg?
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the defender was jockeying and i had my back to him so i just like lunged to one side, and when the gap appeared i back heeled it through. after that i outran him to the ball. i think i was a bit lucky but.. meh
by footy_oaf
07 Dec 2008, 19:29
Forum: Skills
Topic: Your Signature/Trademark Moves
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Ive got 3 tricks according to NBP s guide (turning, 1v1 trick and feint) my most complicated move is the Maradona/360/zidane whatever. ( turning, although i also use the ronaldo chop sometimes, and just cuts) my feint is to just drop my shoulder or do a lunge or a fake kick and they do miracles! im ...
by footy_oaf
07 Dec 2008, 19:13
Forum: Community
Topic: hi im like new
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hi im like new

hi , err ive been reading like alot of the forums, but i was having problems getting an account, but now it worked! :D so yeah, i live in england, but im actually Argentino. my favourite team in europe is Barca (duh? :) ) and my favourite modern player is messi! i hope i write some more posts and re...
by footy_oaf
07 Dec 2008, 19:02
Forum: Community
Topic: A Bit About You
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NAME- Alex FOOTBALL/FREESTYLING ALIAS/NICKNAME- OI! PASS HERE LOCATION- since i moved from Chile, England land of rain FAVORITE CLUB- FC Barcelona, Argentina national team FAVORITE PLAYER- Pele, but Messi is more 'modern' PLAYING FOOTBALL SINCE- i was 12/1 year ago FREESTYLING SINCE- errr, i can do...