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by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 19:59
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Post Your Boots !
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How do you add a picture in a post?
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 19:54
Forum: Equipment
Topic: football boots for 8 year old?
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i would get any moulded studs for grass but wear sneakers for concrete
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 17:34
Forum: Skills
Topic: Confidence
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i would say confidece comes from any 5-10 minute period in the game.
you MUST go looking for the ball and find a pass and keep doing it.
you need to feel good about how you are playing and the rest will come :wink:
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 17:01
Forum: Skills
Topic: long distance passing question
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if your right footed im guessing your following through too far and are not counterbalancing it if the ball is floating off to the right tilt your right shoulder back on your follow through this should straighten the pass up :wink:
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 16:55
Forum: Skills
Topic: How does Becks curl the ball like heck?
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3 simple steps

1. Practice
2. Technique
3. Practice
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 16:53
Forum: Skills
Topic: How do u do those throw ins that u flip and throw the ball
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they look so cool
might sound like a stupid question but are they legal? i cant think of any reason why they wouldnt
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 16:51
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Keep It Simple Soccer: Attacking Mids
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i couldnt be bothered reading the whole 1st post but i agree with the part about finishing - its the art of staying composed and knowing what your going to infront of goal and doing it
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 16:36
Forum: European Football
Topic: The Shambolic Nature of La Liga
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No one can deny spain is technically the best league in the world but i agree there are many things they need to clean up in there game
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 16:29
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Help
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Plasters lol
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 16:28
Forum: Skills
Topic: Center mid reciving
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Honestly i dont think you should be playing centre mid. sorry to play there you always need to be confident in your abilities and you must always want the ball and be able to pick a pass everything goes through you find another position or just play with more confidence your choice :wink:
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 16:24
Forum: Skills
Topic: advice on a problem
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You've probably got too much time to think. Try and play a quick one-two and speed the tempo up yourself :wink:
by ScottyBoy
05 Aug 2007, 16:21
Forum: Skills
Topic: Your thoughts on toe poke shooting
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Toe pokes

If a toe poke will do the job (score) then theres nothing wrong with it :wink: