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by ratherton
29 Oct 2005, 19:52
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Tickets?!!!
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The prices vary depending on the games. The prices are listed here

It's not cheap !!!!

The risk with tickets people have now is that they don't know who will be playing. They could have Brazil v USA or they could have Saudi Arabia v Australia
by ratherton
29 Oct 2005, 19:48
Forum: World Cup
Topic: when is the world cup? pls tell some info pls
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I've been putting together an information website about the finals next year. It's aimed at supporters who are going to be travelling to the finals but you may find it useful as a starting point
by ratherton
29 Oct 2005, 19:46
Forum: World Cup
Topic: honestly, how can you get tickets now?!
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You can always get tickets for games but the cost is the big question. Tickets for games between some teams will be very hard to get hold of. For example, England matches are always hard to get tickets for. We are expected to take up to 100,000 supporters to Germany - no, I'm not joking. In Euro 200...
by ratherton
29 Oct 2005, 19:36
Forum: World Cup
Topic: England HAHA
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Re: England HAHA

Sorry all u guys from england but they lost Poland won we are now top 5 points above englans and now u need to beat us to have 1st and that aint gona happen :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: That'll be 2-1....twice :wink: I was at both games and I was very impressed by the number of Polish fans who cam...
by ratherton
29 Oct 2005, 19:34
Forum: World Cup
Topic: some evidence that USA could come out of UEFA in qualifiers.
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Initially, I think the US would struggle in most UEFA groups depending how they were seeded for the draws for the groups.

However, I also think they would improve pretty quickly because they would be playing better opposition and would learn more.
by ratherton
29 Oct 2005, 19:27
Forum: World Cup
Topic: England v Austria
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The guy blatently dived for Beckham's 2nd yellow card. If FIFA were serious abou clamping down on cheating they would have done something about it after the game. It's a very sad part of the game to see talented players rolling around on the ground like spoilt children. They are a disgrace. There is...
by ratherton
29 Oct 2005, 19:04
Forum: World Cup
Topic: USA WorldCup here we come ! Commeants Welcome
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I follow England all over the place and was in Chicago when we played the US back in May. For once, I was fairly sober at a game, probably due to the earlier kick-off. Anyway, England didn't bring a strong squad but it was a decent game. The US work hard and have some decent players. The one thing t...