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by arsenalfc08
29 Oct 2007, 15:28
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Topic: My Club To Be
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wow thats awesome! good luck on your course too, when do you have to take it? Is there any way you can study for it? have you narrowed down a club to tryout for? I'm jelous you get to live there lol i've always wanted to visit but you get to live there. is there school system like it is in england, ...
by arsenalfc08
10 Oct 2007, 22:35
Forum: Competition
Topic: Centre of Excellence???
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congrats!!! For help on upper body strength you could do things like lift weights, start with something low and work your way up after a few weeks. You can also do pushups and do situps to help build your core. If you don't have dunbells i've known people who have used bottles of liquid laundry dete...