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by Anymi
28 May 2010, 11:44
Forum: European Football
Topic: Transfer Topic
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The Real Madrid board is piss. They have been doing things stupidly for years under "Florie". Its as if they feel they are under pressure from The Real Madrid nostalgia or something or the madrid way. Its as if the old timers who think the only team who is allowed to dominate european foot...
by Anymi
27 May 2010, 13:11
Forum: Players
Topic: Your Top Five Footballer Muppets 09/10
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My opinion only. 1. Owen Coyle: for moving to a bigger yet duller, more boring club for more cashola. 2. Didier Drogba: for whinging to Fatty Lamps about not getting the chances to go for golden boot even though the team shouldve been focusing on actually taking the title first. Selfish, greedy butt...
by Anymi
26 May 2010, 04:44
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Speed in one
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Speed in one

Ive been doing a speed routine for a while which ive found could be better.

Im going to do plyos and some agility work.

Does anyone know some speed exercises that improves all aspects of speed apart from running?

And what would you say an appropriate prevelance of speed training would be?
by Anymi
26 May 2010, 00:45
Forum: World Cup
Topic: South Africa 2010 Groups..
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Anybody see the NZ Aussie game yesterday? I watched the second half - we were robbed of a draw!!! :cry: But NZ played well - surprise package of the WC anybody? :wink: i was at the game, i love football how things like that happen, bad luck to nz though they played well and for most of the first ha...
by Anymi
17 May 2010, 07:45
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Playing style. Your Own? Or someone else's?
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haha well thanks for the replies guys but i was looking for something more along the lines of how you play, and what style you use. I already have a system that works for me pretty well (for now at least) but thanks anyway :) Mate ive always tried to play like the best. Its what makes you become a ...
by Anymi
17 May 2010, 07:41
Forum: Skills
Topic: How often do you train?
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When i was at school i did about an hour and a bit more by myself a day and i trained twice a week with my team.

Lol now i dont get anytime to play with myself (sexual innuendo not intended)

by Anymi
17 May 2010, 07:39
Forum: Skills
Topic: I just want to play
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I just want to play

Its winter in Aus. So its flippin freezing at night. Im talking 5 deg celcius nights and less I work from early on till dark 5 days a over 40 hours. I have two days off, one being football day :D . But apart from that I have one weekday off aswell, I train one night a week and this weekday ...
by Anymi
15 May 2010, 00:51
Forum: English football
Topic: PFA Team of the Year announced
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All the people winging about Fatty Frank need to see that the PFA awards are stupid and unjust. Did anyone not see Players like Ronaldo, Stevie, etc etc destroying the league last year. Yet they give the award to Giggs...who I can recall played about half the season and did not do THAT much. Sure gi...
by Anymi
13 May 2010, 12:53
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Australia in Group D
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Im aussie and i love Australia and have come to like them alot more since Guus.

My fam is english so ive always been an england supporter in football.

As for no points...that seemed likely last world cup. All we needed was 4 points
by Anymi
13 May 2010, 12:51
Forum: World Cup
Topic: World Cup Fantasy league
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Shame aye, i reached my max amount of league you can join.

I was about to make a thread like this
by Anymi
03 May 2010, 11:36
Forum: Expert
Topic: New Members
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Sounds sweet man, youll enjoy the experience.

Did anyone see jdefoe make that post?
by Anymi
03 May 2010, 11:34
Forum: Competition
Topic: Luton Town Open Trials May 2010
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Re: luton

yeah! gud luck to all. i wont be there as my application didnt get in on time, but at my ripe old age of 24, i think going for trials these days are more of a novelty for me now. i hope it happens for the guys going, cause we all know what it means to want to play as a pro footballer. Now! where is...
by Anymi
01 May 2010, 23:05
Forum: European Football
Topic: Champions League Final
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This will be a really great game.

I think it could go either way but i picked Bayern for minority purposes :D
by Anymi
01 May 2010, 23:02
Forum: Skills
Topic: The Cadillac program for developing skill
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Re: Training

jdefoe wrote:
Rome_Leader wrote:
amu86 wrote:Is it ok if I do these drills in my basement with a really light ball
You can, but it's not wise. You wanna try and replicate a game scenario as much as possible
yup, couldn't sa it better myself..

Get back on this site man
by Anymi
01 May 2010, 23:01
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Who should be "9" in Argentina..?
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Well who has been awesome this year. Messi-Yes Higuain-Yes Tevez-Yes Aguero-Pretty good Milito-Pretty good Zarate-Poor, but is a good player Crespo-...... I know its hard to place him in this attack and formation but Carlos Tevez has been on fire this year. I think he should deserve a spot somewhere