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by keller8
24 Aug 2007, 04:21
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: It's a skillz ting!!!
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whats it called on youtube??
I wanna see it. If it got 5 stars it must be good. Unless u did make more than 1 account.......
by keller8
24 Aug 2007, 04:15
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: freestyling website???
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freestylers down under or beyond football. These are the 2 best websites for learnin freestyle on the web. Or you you could just watch vids on youtube
by keller8
24 Aug 2007, 04:01
Forum: European Football
Topic: Why do alot of players for both AC and Inter Milan?
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Yeah thats true, but there are a lot of very loyal players. Italian players don't go to other leagues as frequently as other players do. A lot of them just stay in italy and some of them stay at their clubs for a very long time. True, like Paolo Maldini. Strangelt enogh he's a one club player. He m...
by keller8
24 Aug 2007, 03:55
Forum: Players
Topic: Player Vs. Player
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Ooohhh Owen vs Rooney.

Thats a tough one. Micheal Owen. From his goals that i have seen and his overall playing is great. Don't get me wrong i think rooney is a wonderful player but i think he's too much of a hothead.

Mark Viduka vs Harry Kewell
by keller8
24 Aug 2007, 03:47
Forum: Skills
Topic: Back to the Defender
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I reckon just hold them off until a teammate comes to help you and lay off a pass to them. Either that or u could try to trick them. Try doing a cruyff turn. I'ts basically faking a kick and cutting the ball behind your standing leg. Hope i could help
by keller8
22 Aug 2007, 05:54
Forum: Competition
Topic: Expert FC: The Team
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I'm a decent right back

Great Right Foot
Average Left Foot

by keller8
22 Aug 2007, 05:43
Forum: Competition
Topic: Australian National Team?!
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Hey Vines7 where do u live in Australia?
by keller8
22 Aug 2007, 05:30
Forum: Players
Topic: Best Goalie in the World
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Gianluigi Buffon is the best. There have been numerous internet polls on the FIFA website and everyone there voted Buffon the best keeper. In the world cup game Australia vs Italy the commentators looked at Buffon and showed the poll results. over 2/3 voted for him and the others voted for keepers l...
by keller8
22 Aug 2007, 05:10
Forum: Players
Topic: Player Vs. Player
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Ashley Young. He puts more shots in the back of the net than Abgonlahor. Also he doesn't play just striker, he plays winger as well.

Figo vs C Ronaldo
by keller8
22 Aug 2007, 04:51
Forum: Players
Topic: The worst divers in the world
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Grosso or whoever dived in the world cup game Italy vs. Australia, Drogba, and Inzaghi (AC Milan). These guys are constantly looking for favours from the ref.
by keller8
22 Aug 2007, 03:18
Forum: User Created
Topic: Some New Sigs! :)
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Could you make a Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, or Harry Kewell.

Thx cuz this ronaldinho one of yours that i edited... well lets say that i didn't do it very well....hehe....

Can you tell me if there is any good photo editing program thats a small size and is free to download??

by keller8
22 Aug 2007, 02:42
Forum: Players
Topic: Player Vs. Player
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Sergio Ramos because he is more of a complete defender, where as Micah Richars only plays Right-Back.

Sorry if somebody else has posted this but

Ronaldinho Gaucho vs Thierry Henry
by keller8
08 Aug 2007, 02:48
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Knee akka
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Can you plz write a guide on it?
Cuz that would be great
by keller8
08 Aug 2007, 01:22
Forum: User Created
Topic: Sigs, up for grabs! I'm also taking requests!
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Can you make me a Christiano Ronaldo or Maradona one?

Also could you tell me how to put signatures in on your profile?

Thx Powell
by keller8
07 Aug 2007, 02:57
Forum: Expert
Topic: Signature
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Can anyone tell me how to make signatures??? PLZ!? Because the link you gave me powell doesn't work