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by pickyourheadup
29 Apr 2007, 00:00
Forum: Fitness
Topic: After a workout
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after a workout

Complex Carbs (whole wheat bread, pasta)
Proteins (Fish, Red Meat,--dont go to KFC--)
Fruits&Veggies (Bananas,etc)

Snacks: Nutrition Bars/trail mix,bananas,and other fruits,veggies

Don't eat a big meal right after your workout. Keep it between 300-500 calories...
by pickyourheadup
28 Apr 2007, 15:33
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Back problem
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back problem

Is it your lower back? I had the same problem and made a list of stuff I could do. I tried to ignore my back problem and only started taking action a month before the my State tournament. A lot of the times, you need to stretch your hamstrings by lying on your back and bring your leg to your chest a...
by pickyourheadup
27 Apr 2007, 23:34
Forum: Skills
Topic: some good practices and whatnot to develop "futsal feet"?
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some good practices and whatnot to develop "futsal feet"?

Practice making quick passes against a wall, turning quickly, etc.
Improve your quickness with and without the ball.
by pickyourheadup
26 Apr 2007, 03:08
Forum: Tactics
Topic: iam a striker and i need .................
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iam a striker and i need.............

I have a similar problem. I also play well in small spaces (like futsal) but dont do well in the outdoor field. Try picking your head up and looking at your options as a center mid. You should have teammates talking and making runs. Also, remember that when you get/have the ball, the other team is a...
by pickyourheadup
24 Apr 2007, 02:57
Forum: Skills
Topic: 1vs1
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It helps to just know 2-3 tricks very well. Usually, make your move about 1-2 yards away from the player. Remember to dip your shoulder. Practice against your dog, or a tree, or rock...or even a teammate at practice. Look at the videos of moves Expert has--he practices between two cones about 6 yrds...
by pickyourheadup
24 Apr 2007, 02:52
Forum: Expert
Topic: PMing
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How do I PM somebody on the site?
by pickyourheadup
24 Apr 2007, 02:39
Forum: Competition
Topic: What It Really Takes To Play Pro
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what it really takes to play pro

good mentality, positive attitude of yourself and towards others. Communication. Able to defend well.
by pickyourheadup
22 Apr 2007, 04:45
Forum: Tactics
Topic: I am losing my form!! Anyone can help me?
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losing my form

could it be that the other people you are competing against are just getting better? Maybe you should ask your coach about your performance since he/she would know you a lot better.
by pickyourheadup
18 Apr 2007, 03:27
Forum: Fitness
Topic: abs
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yes, abs are needed in soccer: heading and your core fitness/strength.
by pickyourheadup
16 Apr 2007, 04:03
Forum: Skills
Topic: Increase Kicking Range
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Increase Kicking Range

Maybe the ball is curving because your letting your kicking leg cross over your body when you try to kick it really hard.
by pickyourheadup
15 Apr 2007, 23:52
Forum: Fitness
Topic: not being pushed off the ball
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not being pushed off the ball

I am about 5'5" and a fairly aggressive player since I am so small. However, I am easily pushed off of the ball by bigger players. My coach says I should build up my calf muscles by doing stairs and should do squats. Does anybody have schedual for these exercises that I could follow-or any tips...