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by Evan
17 Apr 2007, 01:28
Forum: Players
Topic: Cristiano Ronaldo( A Great)
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dunno if someone has already posted this, but I found a guy that plays just as good as Ronaldo (tons of moves, just minus a few stepovers) he too is on Portugal starting team, plays left wing, Ricardo Quaresma. He isn't a sissy in my opinion.
by Evan
17 Apr 2007, 01:18
Forum: Skills
Topic: My new training routine.
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My new training routine.

Okay, I'm 16, I start as striker for my high school team, I am a good shot on goal, and i can dribble pretty well. I lack a lot of speed though, and I am skinny so I am a bit weak. Here is my program. Monday- Warmup: Stretch, 1/2 mile jog, Stretch (full body) Exercise: Knee ups and Karaoke, then 12 ...
by Evan
13 Apr 2007, 00:43
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Speed training?
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Speed training?

Hi, I'm 16 I'm a decent striker, I have pretty good ball handling skills, but my speed is what I lack. Could you possibly give me say a 3-6 week speed training plan please? I would really appreciate it. Try to go into as much detail as possible.