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by Wanderer
29 Mar 2007, 04:11
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Fartleks?
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Then what trains sprinting speed?Interval training?And btw,how many times a week shud i do Intervals and how long or how many reps?
by Wanderer
27 Mar 2007, 06:05
Forum: Competition
Topic: University Football
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Hey,guys.Im sorta new and I was wonderin whether its possible to still get scouted at uni level in countries lik England,Aussie,Canada...?I mean,do clubs want university players too or do they reckon they're too old,and jz scout high schools and colleges?
by Wanderer
26 Mar 2007, 11:38
Forum: Skills
Topic: Moves you've made up
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Well I thought of this move where u r dribbling/sheilding the ball towards ur own goal wit the opponent behind u.Then u put ur right foot towards the left front of the ball,turning towards oppenent goal at the same time.Then jz as the defender steps in to take the ball u cryuff turn it towards ur ri...
by Wanderer
22 Mar 2007, 02:16
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Building Stamina
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Building Stamina

I aim to be a Gerrard type midfielder ,so how many miles shud I jog?
Btw, I am 17 and jz started soccer training.