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by mak9
09 Sep 2006, 00:30
Forum: Skills
Topic: How does Henry put that backspin on the ball in Joga Bonita?
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its not fake, its real and you can try it in indoor soccer when you play with a ball that looks like a big tennis ball :wink: you have to pound the ball hard with your heel to get the ball bounce up, I recommend using indoor soccer shoes also, henry did this move in another commercial before where h...
by mak9
13 Aug 2006, 03:08
Forum: Skills
Topic: Motivation
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great post XstaticX

in my situation it is pure aggro that drives me. Aggro comes from my 2 year injury, aggro from not touching the ball for months.
by mak9
12 Aug 2006, 21:44
Forum: Fitness
Topic: fartlek drills or sprint excercizes in urban area?
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wow is getting attacked in the suburbs a common thing in US?

You guys should come to Canada, we don't have to lock our bicycles...etc. Crime level is very low!
by mak9
06 Aug 2006, 03:23
Forum: Players
Topic: Ronaldhino's teeth
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ronaldo wore braces while he played at PSV; his agents made him do it for marketing purposes.

I also seen Ronaldinho wear braces when he signed for barca. Maybe he wears them but doesn't when he plays.
by mak9
30 Jul 2006, 04:23
Forum: Skills
Topic: 360 move
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put one foot on the ball and twirl then take your foot down and drag the ball with your other foot
by mak9
30 Jul 2006, 04:21
Forum: Players
Topic: Ronaldo
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lol.... I guess the worst feeling for a world class footballer is when he is nearing his end especially for Ronaldo; he was a galatic star in 94-98 02-04 seasons; he set such a high standard for himself and gets the heaviest critisim now when he is reaching retirement. what happens in the next few y...
by mak9
30 Jul 2006, 04:15
Forum: Players
Topic: Thuram to Barca
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I read on that he came to barca for his kids....because they are big fans of roanldinho and eto

aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww :lol:
by mak9
21 Jul 2006, 02:00
Forum: Skills
Topic: Hocus Pocus guide
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this move is best when done on a run (not standing) and done quickly....

its both hard and very dangerous to pull it off in a competitive game, cause if the defender screws up, he can seriously injure you
by mak9
19 Jul 2006, 04:04
Forum: Skills
Topic: quick shots
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that goal that Ronaldo scored was a toe-poke, very beautiful and difficult to produce in a game.

The way ronaldo did it was that he hit the ball at dead center with his toes. It will take some practise, but if you play futsal you will see how useful it is.
by mak9
14 Jul 2006, 06:22
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Over dribbling problem!!?
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here's the thing: I also had a simlar problems until I started reading a lot about soccer. Here is a passage from a book by Arpad Csanadi: In the early days of soccer the activites of all players were realated to the primary purpose of the game: the scoring of goal. Each player considered it his for...
by mak9
14 Jul 2006, 05:43
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Trouble with ATW
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my advice is....don't kick the ball to high, maybe about 3 inches. Thats pretty much the key. edit: you know most of you guys are pretty young! 13 and 14 year olds. Maybe your legs are not fully developed and long enough to preform it. Just try your best. My suggestion is to stick to the fundemental...
by mak9
01 Jul 2006, 08:43
Forum: Skills
Topic: Need help with a trick
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this move is called the rabona btw...maradona was famous for using this trick to deliever crosses with his left foot since he played on the right flank. What impresses me a lot is how he runs at top speed to the touch line and then execute the rab...
by mak9
30 May 2006, 03:43
Forum: Fitness
Topic: 100 m times
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JDTRIXTA wrote:my best for a 100m sprint is 11.46 and im a defender/midfield so when somebody makes a brake its good 4 me because i can catch them pretty easily. :)
very impressive for a 14 year old
by mak9
27 May 2006, 17:16
Forum: Equipment
Topic: My ball is out of shape
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I don't know if this will work but try heating it up by holding it on top of a stove...I seen people doing this on plastic toys that are deformed...give it a try, I think it should distribute the volume equally into your ball edit: be careful not to heat it up too much! Your ball will explode...also...
by mak9
22 May 2006, 17:48
Forum: Skills
Topic: Reverse Elastico
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AusSkills wrote:just so you know ronaldinho has done the elastico with his left foot, i believe i saw him do it in the 2nd leg of the chelsea match
no that was his right foot