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by Rulezzz
24 Dec 2006, 13:55
Forum: Competition
Topic: soccer scholarships in usa for an english player?
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Id like to know why u want to go to the USA to play football, if you really want a better chance in football, contact an english club, not a premiership club, but maybe try a league 1 or championship club. Curtis Davies(who plays for West Brom now) contacted several London clubs and finally got in a...
by Rulezzz
24 Dec 2006, 13:44
Forum: Fitness
Topic: strong legs
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I agree you should concentrate on your technique definately, but for someone of your age the best thing to do, is to just run as much as you can and do squats to, squats are very effective. Move onto leg press and leg extension when you are old enough to go in the gym :P
by Rulezzz
24 Dec 2006, 12:39
Forum: Players
Topic: "if you could have ur fav playas attributes what would
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Well i probably have three favourite players, Micah Richards, Ferdinand and Carvalho.

Id like to have the great heading ability they all have, the tackling ability of Carvalho and the pace/stamina and strength of Micah Richards.
by Rulezzz
24 Dec 2006, 12:37
Forum: Players
Topic: best attacker, midfielder and defender
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Well im gonna put best defender into two categories:

Best Centre Back: Cannavaro
Best Full Back: Ashley Cole

Best Midfielder: Steven Gerrard/Makelele

Best Striker: Thierry Henry
by Rulezzz
24 Dec 2006, 12:23
Forum: Skills
Topic: practicing with shinguards
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I shouldnt think wearing shinguards makes any difference to your agility, but if your playing against your friend, both of you using football boots, you really should wear shinguards.
by Rulezzz
23 Dec 2006, 19:09
Forum: Skills
Topic: become a pro
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Some are born with natural talent, but still have to work very hard.

Some arent born with natural talent, but work there asses off a lot more than those with natural talent and develop that talent.
by Rulezzz
23 Dec 2006, 19:04
Forum: Skills
Topic: how long you train a day?
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Im gonna start training on the lawn soon, doing dribbling and kick ups and anything to improve my ball control, probably for about an hour.
by Rulezzz
23 Dec 2006, 18:57
Forum: Skills
Topic: Not Able To Train Everyday
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train everyday? I play football pretty much everyday, but you dont need to at all, your muscles need time to rest, so theres no problem in not training every day at all, but most of the time its ok if u can, just dont go over the top :)
by Rulezzz
23 Dec 2006, 18:54
Forum: Fitness
Topic: I have a pulled Hammy
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I say you should stretch it every day and take at least a week off playing football, otherwise like belija91, u cud get a recurring hamstring injury for 8 months! Its not good, your better off taking a week off, your fitness wont be hampered that much.
by Rulezzz
23 Dec 2006, 10:37
Forum: Skills
Topic: Playing by yourself=not good
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zico wat national team do u play for? and is it a senior national team?
by Rulezzz
22 Dec 2006, 13:50
Forum: Skills
Topic: Right Back
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Right Back

Hey guys im new to these forums, im from England. Im 17 years old, ive missed out on playing football(soccer) for many years before, ive only started this season(playing club football) and im playing at Right back at the moment, I had trials with Chipstead F.C's(A semi-pro team) youth team and didnt...
by Rulezzz
22 Dec 2006, 13:41
Forum: Skills
Topic: How to dont be afraid ball
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Your not gonna win everything in the air anyway, but make sure if your defender you always go up, thats the key, forget about whether or not you win the header or not, 95% of the time you wont get hurt when you go up for these headers and the more you go up for these headers the better you will get ...
by Rulezzz
22 Dec 2006, 13:38
Forum: Community
Topic: Hey all
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Hey all

My names Joe, im from England, looking to improve at football by gaining tips from this website, I wanna play at pretty decent level and im a defender.