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by Viduka
01 Jul 2007, 07:35
Forum: Skills
Topic: Ball control - Lift foot or not?
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This varies from people to people. But for me, I just hit the ball as it falls only lightly, so the ball rises up small. Then I control the second fall after I have hit the ball.
by Viduka
30 Jun 2007, 16:02
Forum: European Football
Topic: Fabio Capello fired. Now Stuart Pearce can take over!
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Nah. I bet their gonna try to get Arsene Wenger. try*
by Viduka
30 Jun 2007, 11:25
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Freestyle language?
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Reitterate Gnarly.. ugg why? LOL?
It would never go would only be on these forums.. so pointless/??
by Viduka
28 Jun 2007, 09:09
Forum: Fitness
Topic: jogging evryday
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I've been jogging for about 4 weeks now. I dont really set a distance, because I would like to work on other things. I go for a 1 hours run and I've been improving because the time it takes gets shorter. In this case, I run just a little further so that I still get 1 hours jog. So eventually, the di...
by Viduka
28 Jun 2007, 09:07
Forum: Skills
Topic: how to practice soccer with a tennis ball
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Should we all put money together and send him one? Man I feel so bad...
by Viduka
28 Jun 2007, 09:03
Forum: Competition
Topic: I gotta a trial for chelsea in august what do I do now?
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There is this thing called the edit button. Just thought you ought to know.
by Viduka
24 Jun 2007, 14:54
Forum: User Created
Topic: Messi
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1 the second one looks a bit rough and messy.
by Viduka
24 Jun 2007, 08:33
Forum: Skills
Topic: How does Becks curl the ball like heck?
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It is all the things youve mentioned. He hits the ball in the opposite part to where he wants to go, and usually at the bottom of the ball to get height. He hits it at the inside and tip of your foot.

Its hard to describe, I suggest watching videos and practicing.
by Viduka
23 Jun 2007, 09:37
Forum: Players
Topic: Henry Move is Iminent , Barca finalizing deal
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Its a shame if its true.. I was hoping that Thierry would stau because Wenger was.. is it true that he is moving because of the Chairman Change?
by Viduka
21 Jun 2007, 06:06
Forum: English football
Topic: EPL Transfer gossip
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LOL Evil Gnarly. Powell will definately have something to say.
by Viduka
21 Jun 2007, 06:00
Forum: European Football
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:( I missed the game because I was doing stupid Biology work. Dam... I dont suppose anyone recorded it :P
by Viduka
18 Jun 2007, 16:48
Forum: English football
Topic: If henry leaves, will people consider the EPL weaker?
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If Henry left, then Barcelona are going to win the Champions League, Spanish League very very easily... They will own.
by Viduka
16 Jun 2007, 11:23
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Dropped
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Work Hard. Practice :D
by Viduka
16 Jun 2007, 07:59
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Edgar Davids bringing street soccer Clothing brand
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To be honest. I dont see the point in all these upmarket brands... you dont need special shoes, clothes or a special ball to play street soccer...

This is just a brand to make money from people who want to follow the trends.
by Viduka
15 Jun 2007, 22:17
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Knock Knock
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Yer. First in a whlei thats made me laff out loud.