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by madridfc
27 Mar 2005, 14:47
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Footwork drills
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Footwork drills

does anyone have any ideas of different kinds of coerver drills i can work on (footwork drills, little touches in a small area)? i know a few simple variations, but do any of you know any?
by madridfc
27 Mar 2005, 14:40
Forum: Community
Topic: Hello, everyone!
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welcome to the forums Nick! i hope you enjoy the site!
by madridfc
26 Mar 2005, 02:12
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Doing situps
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what, can you?
by madridfc
26 Mar 2005, 02:08
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Weight of elite players
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i don't think bones have much to do with it, but its muscle, definitely. freddy adu weighed 130 lbs before he turned pro or whatever and he worked out a ton and put on 10 lbs of muscle. or something like that.
by madridfc
26 Mar 2005, 02:05
Forum: Players
Topic: Best Prem Keeper
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haha, Cech the Czech. sweet. anyway, thats who i said was the best
by madridfc
25 Mar 2005, 16:17
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: Mexico vs. USA-World Cup Qualifier!!!!!
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hey, what channel will this game be on? anyone know? i've got ESPN2, FSC, and GolTV
by madridfc
24 Mar 2005, 22:10
Forum: Equipment
Topic: goalkeeper cleats
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interesting thread. expert, you got any ideas???
by madridfc
24 Mar 2005, 10:44
Forum: Competition
Topic: let my team down
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thanks alot guys I am not going to quit. Butt i want to know how to handle the guys and everyone else at school tommorow no one's going to give you problems. and if they do, they're jerks and they're not worth being friends with. they have all made tons of mistakes, so just forget about it and keep...
by madridfc
24 Mar 2005, 10:31
Forum: Skills
Topic: Invented a new move?
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well, i can't think of an official name, except for a lunge. simple things like that can work really well in a game if you really sell the fake and do it at the right time
by madridfc
24 Mar 2005, 01:03
Forum: Competition
Topic: let my team down
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listen, in the state semifinal of the boys team in my town, the keeper, who's pretty good, let in a bad shot. it didn't have much power on it and he got down to save it, but it just went right between his legs. in overtime. they could have definitely been state champs, if it haden't been for a simpl...
by madridfc
24 Mar 2005, 00:53
Forum: Expert
Topic: Thank you!
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glad everyones helping! but its you whos doing the work, not us, so its great that you've been putting the tips here to use. good luck with making varsity! keep working hard!
by madridfc
23 Mar 2005, 15:48
Forum: Players
Topic: fastest?
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i also said owen. you don't see him all that much for madrid, but once he gets on the pitch, he's full of energy and speed!
by madridfc
23 Mar 2005, 15:45
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Record Juggling
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sweet! any idea how long that took you?

join the forum!
by madridfc
23 Mar 2005, 15:44
Forum: Competition
Topic: You or the number
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wheres Chivas? is the player on a pro team?
by madridfc
22 Mar 2005, 22:33
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Attitude about training
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thats really cool! and nice posts, the both of you. but i often have trouble motivating myself to do so. well, not really, actually, because about 5-6 days a week between the cross country skiing season and the crew season, i ran first, and then went to the gym and played in the basketball courts or...