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by madridfc
08 Apr 2005, 04:40
Forum: Players
Topic: best EPL back?
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best EPL back?

so yesterday i got to thinking about who was the best defenseman in the premiership. i was thinking john terry was probably way up there, but i'm no expert. what do yall think?
by madridfc
07 Apr 2005, 10:38
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Basic Classes
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what are you asking exactly? could you rephrase it more clearly? thanks
by madridfc
06 Apr 2005, 21:58
Forum: Community
Topic: Any pro players here?
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or people on pro youth teams....
by madridfc
06 Apr 2005, 00:07
Forum: Community
Topic: How old are you
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hey! happy early birthday totaldutch! only 3 days before r. carlos' (whos shirt i'm wearing right now)!
by madridfc
06 Apr 2005, 00:02
Forum: Expert
Topic: Pickup soccer games
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so today i was juggling w/some college students in my town and one of them said to email them and they would put me on this mailing list for soccer, which they play a few times a week i guess. some are pretty good, so that'll be a lot of fun! FINALLY someone to play pickup games with!!!!!!! its like...
by madridfc
03 Apr 2005, 16:03
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: The best thing you've broken
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hahahahaha what great stories. awesome idea for a topic too, dooglas! i've never broken a window or anything, but one time when i was like, i donno 6, 7, something like that i was playing rec and the goals were smaller and didn't have nets, just the frame. so i shot it and there was a lady carrying ...
by madridfc
03 Apr 2005, 15:46
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Strength, height and power
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take your opponents by surprise. often people aren't pushing you or whatever with all their strength. its almost just a matter of being agressive, so even if your small, be tough, low to the ground, and stay on your feet whenever possible. i was trying out for this team once and there was this one p...
by madridfc
03 Apr 2005, 15:36
Forum: Expert
Topic: Anonymous posting
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yes, thats the way to go. no more anonymous posts!
by madridfc
02 Apr 2005, 00:07
Forum: Community
Topic: I'm the new guy
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welcome! hope you like it!
by madridfc
01 Apr 2005, 16:17
Forum: Players
Topic: next pele'
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i didnt see this video, but i saw one a while ago about him. he was amazing!!!! in one shot, his friend got down on one knee and jean carlos but his foot on his knee and his friend started shining it. it was so cool! was this the same video?
by madridfc
30 Mar 2005, 23:32
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: The Game of Their Lives
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is anyone planning on going? or is it even in your town? the more people that go, the more towns it will be released in, so go! please! :D
by madridfc
30 Mar 2005, 23:17
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Striker Magazine
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i really liked 442. i got the one w/the red cover and a pic of rio ferdinand on it. there was a large article about him coming back after his ban and also one about michael owen going to madrid. it was really good
by madridfc
30 Mar 2005, 23:13
Forum: World Cup
Topic: England v Azerbaijan
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at least 2??!!!? didn't Poland beat Azerbaijan 8 nil???? now, correct me if i'm wrong, but poland isn't anywhere near as good as england, and you would expect that england would win by a similar margin. right? :D i really wanted to watch it but i couldn't. anyone catch the game? care to provide a re...
by madridfc
30 Mar 2005, 23:09
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Brand of Choice II
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i'd like to see if anyone here puts other. if you do, please explain why you aren't going with the flow i guess and are not just wearing a brand because it looks cool or something
by madridfc
30 Mar 2005, 23:04
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Footwork drills
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thanks everyone! and mike, what are pylons, could you jsut explain it basically or maybe theres a website? thanks