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by Adizeta
19 Jul 2005, 20:23
Forum: Players
Topic: Player Vs. Player
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no doubt

teves v robinho
by Adizeta
13 Jul 2005, 20:41
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: "What type of player are you" quiz
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i got Batistuta


hes one of my favorite players of all time
by Adizeta
10 Jul 2005, 19:41
Forum: Players
Topic: your perfect XI
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Keeper Buffon Defence Nesta Puyol Cafu Roberto carlos Mid Ronaldinho Zidane Beckham Deco Fowards Eto'o robinho subs Ronlado figo raul casillas teves in this team the skill level is high the players should coup nicely the barca players with brazilian players but nesta, zidane and beckham might not wa...
by Adizeta
09 Jul 2005, 00:09
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Discuss Vinny ManyStyles
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it was realy boring
short and had little moves

try to make the def try harder or act better
keep practicing and make a better video
by Adizeta
09 Jul 2005, 00:03
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Discuss Rafal's Second Video
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yea it was good but i dont know if u should have made it nine minutes long
the begining was tight
keep practicing

good video
by Adizeta
08 Jul 2005, 23:50
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Discuss Ryan's Mixtape
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its good

nice video keep practicing
by Adizeta
07 Jul 2005, 01:35
Forum: Competition
Topic: When do you get paid for playing?
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our ocal leagues don't pay. the association said no to paying players, however one club pays players to travel down from melbourne (3 hours away) for every match and the still came second last. yea here too my club only pays the playas who come from nyc but its not a lot But its worth it we won las...
by Adizeta
07 Jul 2005, 00:29
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Discuss Julio Part V
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its real good i enjoyed it

:) :)
by Adizeta
07 Jul 2005, 00:21
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Discuss Francis' Unedited Freestyle
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great video
keep on practicing
by Adizeta
05 Jul 2005, 01:05
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Soufiane Touzani discussion
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how old is touzani
by Adizeta
03 Jul 2005, 00:44
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Who are You supporting for the World cup?
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As soon as Ecuador qualifies its Ecuador all the way. Were gona do better then last time. Im also rooting for brazil Ronladinho all the way

Yeah Boy

Ecuador vs Brazil final (in my dreams)
by Adizeta
03 Jul 2005, 00:37
Forum: World Cup
Topic: unlucky teams!
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what about italy and spain in their games against korea in 2002? italy (tomassi) were called wrongly offside in extra time, and scored that play. they should have won, but byron moreno favored korea. spain (joaquin) supposedly dribbled out of bounds and then crossed for morientes to score. the repl...
by Adizeta
03 Jul 2005, 00:33
Forum: World Cup
Topic: unlucky teams!
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i think in the world cup the team with the most effort, the will to win, and the skills (in that order) is the team that wins. Like in the 98 world cup in my town the brazilians were already partying and where over confident before the match began. But the french won the game and became champions. A...
by Adizeta
03 Jul 2005, 00:15
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Freestyle owen4ever part 3
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i thought this was awsome. i see a huge improvement and the music went with it and everything. i have a question though, what was that move you did where u do sorta like a hope the world left and right and let the ball drop and get it back up? good work. keep it up 8) which move? can ya tell me the...
by Adizeta
28 Jun 2005, 13:47
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: freestyling progress
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dooglas wrote:take a break.
Yea u should take one

u could be overworking urself sleep on it and do something else besides freestyleing for a day or two then go back