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by johnny114life
29 Dec 2004, 01:14
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Topic: Backyard pratice
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Backyard pratice

Beside jugguling what can i pratice in tight spaces i dont have a big back yard. And where can i watch soccer matches for free
by johnny114life
21 Dec 2004, 02:40
Forum: Community
Topic: Preparing for semi-pro tryout
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hi everyone

hi my name is johnny george i am in high school im trying to reach the next level. where can i find soccer maches ( Arsenal). I was also wondering how can i dribble by defenders bigger and faster than me. Can you also send me something to work on during the summer to improve my touch. finishing.shoo...
by johnny114life
21 Dec 2004, 02:09
Forum: Skills
Topic: Shooting technique
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how to kick

when kicking use the laces of the shoe and keep your non kicking foot next to the ball put your hand for balance and keep your knee over the ball to keep it low.