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by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 20:21
Forum: Skills
Topic: Eye-catching flick-ons!
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did u know that half the people on this site lie about their skill?
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 19:58
Forum: Competition
Topic: Making too many mistakes
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dont give up...its ur confidence.
trust me.everyone goes through that phase
try to make this a positive experience
positive atitude creates postive results
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 19:55
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: how do u get taller
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height dosent matter...whoever said that was probably just another dumb american who thinks that size matters...thats what they always do..for NBA and stuff. like all they do is pick tall players for everything..there are short players better then jordan who didnt get in cause there short...players ...
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 19:51
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Do soccer players wax their legs
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that is the grossest question ever
guys dont shave there legs..thats just gross
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 19:46
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: music before the game
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listen to crunk music. or outcast. or 2pac sutff but not his mainstreak
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 19:43
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Inspirational/negative things in our soccer career
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i had to battle on the selects for 3 monthes to try and get the coaches sons position..i never got rewarded for scoring ever.. and i lost so much confidence and i played terrible..but then i quit and played on my own and now look at me. i have confidence
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 19:39
Forum: Skills
Topic: Most amazing trick you've ever done
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the most azmzing thing i did was i was running at half and i did 4 step overs or scissors and then the guy actually fell down. then i passed and got a pass back and i buried it. and then we won the championship. It was awsome. or the time when, i stalled it and there was a guy behind me, and then i ...
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 19:34
Forum: Competition
Topic: Expertfootball club
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ima striker

1 v 1
scoring cause i get atleast a goal a game
Playing under pressure
Top scoring in the league

free kicks
getting too mad
sometimes i hog the ball
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 07:25
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: wut freestyle tricks can u do..
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when i first statrted doing atw i was terrible...but i kept practicing now its nothing....i still cant do it while juggling tho i have to stall it first
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 07:20
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: revoloution without stalling first
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revoloution without stalling first

i know it takes practice but can u kinda explain how u do the move by not stalling then doing the move. and how exactly do u get ur videos on this site? do u have to be really experienced or something?
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 07:17
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Why do you love playing soccer
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I love football bbecause its the best sport and im good at it.
i play it everywhere i go.theres always a ball on my foot
i play it every day
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 07:14
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: juggling record
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when i was 11 i got 400 and when i was 13 i was getting around the 1000's..i guess its ok for a 13 year old..theres this 12 year old who is brilliant with the ball and hes hitting the 1000's.