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by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 07:20
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: revoloution without stalling first
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revoloution without stalling first

i know it takes practice but can u kinda explain how u do the move by not stalling then doing the move. and how exactly do u get ur videos on this site? do u have to be really experienced or something?
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 07:17
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Why do you love playing soccer
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I love football bbecause its the best sport and im good at it.
i play it everywhere i go.theres always a ball on my foot
i play it every day
by *yung-ital*
23 Apr 2005, 07:14
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: juggling record
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when i was 11 i got 400 and when i was 13 i was getting around the 1000's..i guess its ok for a 13 year old..theres this 12 year old who is brilliant with the ball and hes hitting the 1000's.