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by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 05:14
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Serbia, hasn't conceded a goal in WC qualifications
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how do u know english if ur from buddy was from serbia... but how the hell do u know so mcuh english?
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 04:50
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Owen4ever's Video
Replies: 30
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hey owen4ever when u comin out with ur new video?
and how do u work the upload thing? i put a video and then do u contact the person before or after u upload it?
anyways...lookin forward to seein the new vid
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 04:34
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Pro soccer players freestyling
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i dont mind doing 2000 juggles with feet and thighs and stuff but 100 with ur head scares me i can only do a mere 20:(
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 04:29
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Martino Part III
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palle that guy makes everything look so easy..his atw is like his way of breathing. how long has this guy been around?? it looks like hes been playing all his life
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 04:19
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Sample 2
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4 monthes??? well ive only been doing it for about a month and i can do most of what he can do. it was too basic tho.. maybe if he practiced a lttlie more it would be better
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 04:14
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Tavinho's video clip
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that link u sent is touzani!! hes the best..i always watch his video clips
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 04:05
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: TATW (Touzani Around the World)
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TATW (Touzani Around the World)

first u do outside around the world then u sort of modify like a crossover?? is that how u do it..i watch his video all the time trying ot figure out how the hell he did it. even when its in slow motion.. so can someone just tell me the basic thing about it??
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 04:03
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Head stall
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yeah thatsd true...u have to keep practicing and ull get it...i can do it for about 3 used to be like 1...but im getting wayy better and i keep practicing...[/code]
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 03:56
Forum: Expert
Topic: Nice site
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u should put this under commenting and suggestions..this isnt a real question :lol:
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 03:54
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Goal celebration
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rooney dosent celebrate like crazy does he? the times i see him score he just runs to the flag post and lets poeple hgug him :lol:
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 00:42
Forum: Community
Topic: Which LA team to join?
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the blades are a good team.. or the mens over 20 league is a good located near the la lakers stadium
by *yung-ital*
24 May 2005, 00:40
Forum: Community
Topic: What's the best position?
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ive never heard of a player from north carolina.
by *yung-ital*
23 May 2005, 23:04
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Neo's freestyle video
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how long have u been freestyling? ur a little bit better then me. u can do like 2 moves i cant. imm gonna guess.. about 2 monthes?? and the video was a bit weird man. sorry but it was. u obiviously have some skill but keep trying
by *yung-ital*
23 May 2005, 22:34
Forum: Pick-up Soccer
Topic: Never played soccer
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how the heck did u post as a quest?? dont u have to be a member to post?? :?
by *yung-ital*
22 May 2005, 19:26
Forum: Skills
Topic: Where do I practice?! (limited places!)
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sorry champ. there no way. u made it seem impossible. why dont u just go somewhere so secluded????? like i know in china there so many people but isnt there like woods or anything?