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by *yung-ital*
03 Jun 2005, 22:55
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: How do you even bloody juggle?!
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SUCESS DOSENT COME OVER NIGHT...PRACTICE!! thats all it is...u dont even need a techinique...when i was 9 i was juggling up to 300 because all i did was just keep kicking it up.. theres no hidden tricks..its just kicking it up
by *yung-ital*
03 Jun 2005, 02:33
Forum: Players
Topic: next pele'
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the kid is really good i know that..but some people when there that age are really good and just lose it. my friend was like that really good then just dropped. u never know. but good find..hes really good
by *yung-ital*
02 Jun 2005, 03:24
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Can't crossover
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sucess dosent come over night....keep practicing and right when u think u cant do it, itll just click...whats a toe bounce?
by *yung-ital*
02 Jun 2005, 03:22
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Running/jog time how long for 3.5km?
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run as far as u can until u cant breath not kidding its what i do and im in excellent shape
by *yung-ital*
31 May 2005, 02:45
Forum: Competition
Topic: Funniest or most shameful incident
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i got a good one. this one time i was playing a game and i cleared the ball. Then some idiot comes and tries to knock me down. this was back when i still had a bad temper. he fell down when he tried to knock me down and i yelled "you deserve it" really loud. I got a yellow card, but my coach though...
by *yung-ital*
29 May 2005, 01:27
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: alcohol and football
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a serbian mafia said that? exactly, a serbian mafia look at their lifestyle they kill people and leech off innocent hardworking business men. they could say, yeah i like to kill people and i get money its very easy. but working is hard. are u gonna take that into consideration?
by *yung-ital*
29 May 2005, 00:35
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Learning to freestyle.
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when i practice, i mean seriously practice and not just foolin with the ball, i practice a certain trick a few times until i think it's good enough or if i'm frustrated and i move onto another trick. and then after awhile i come back to it if i want. and if i'm really frustrated with doing tricks i...
by *yung-ital*
27 May 2005, 05:30
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Found a new trick
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took me a while to figute it out but yeah thats pretty cool
by *yung-ital*
27 May 2005, 05:21
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Mig Freestyle
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was that even a freestyle video? it looked like a nike shoe promotion to me. the kid had the boot to the camera for half of it. and this wasnt a freestyle. its a vid, but not a freestyle. im not a great freestyler either but im learning quick cause i can do some pretty good moves so i think it wasnt...
by *yung-ital*
27 May 2005, 05:17
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Neo's compilation video
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dude..i liked your moves and all...but please dont ever put the camera on the ground again, i do not like looking up ur shorts everytime u do atw. sorry man but im serious good moves, but uhh you know fix it a bit next time :shock:
by *yung-ital*
27 May 2005, 04:46
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Super Syed
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hes better then me but i thought it was alright..a bit too repititive..i thought the beginning was good though but ive already seen these types of videos. im just trying to be honest
by *yung-ital*
26 May 2005, 23:32
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Rest
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no...midfielders job is to rest...thats the manin thing of a midfielder.. stamina, half time and when the ball is kicked out of bounds in the only time my friend
by *yung-ital*
26 May 2005, 03:54
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: TATW (Touzani Around the World)
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thanks gonna try that..... :lol: thanks guys
by *yung-ital*
25 May 2005, 01:26
Forum: Players
Topic: What player are you most like?
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well...i think im like the worst player in the league..because u cant compare urself to a professional...99 percent of us on this site wont make it
by *yung-ital*
25 May 2005, 01:17
Forum: Skills
Topic: Where can i find free training clips?
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thanks billy^^^