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by upandcoming
12 Aug 2005, 02:08
Forum: Players
Topic: Who did u wanna play like
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I love Ronaldinho his attitude, skill, class its of a different level
by upandcoming
12 Aug 2005, 02:01
Forum: Players
Topic: Rivaldo... Where is he?
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Rivaldo is a class player (puting aside that fake in the world cup was kinda stupid) and for all he has done for his country he deserves a spot on the squad or atleast another chance at the world cup if he wants it. Look what he did for Brazil last world cup
by upandcoming
12 Aug 2005, 01:57
Forum: Competition
Topic: Annoying team mates
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Annoying team mates

What is the best way to deal with annoying teamates i have 2 in particular they are always on my case about everything even though i make less mistakes then them but i am not one to point out every mistake i am a good team mate. If i over dribble sometimes they yell pass the ball but they say nothin...
by upandcoming
11 Aug 2005, 13:22
Forum: World Cup
Topic: U-17 FIFA World Cup
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me too. from the videos ive seen of the freestylers, i have confidence in some of them that there gonna do great things. i come from canada and the way the teams are chosen are very political. u have to have connections if u want to get anywhere. i scored 2 goals at the tryout adnd they were both g...
by upandcoming
10 Aug 2005, 23:58
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Speed without the ball
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i used to run with ankle weights but then it really started hurting my knees so i stopped running with ankle weight :(

i dont know if there is a alternative to them that wont hurt your knees?
by upandcoming
10 Aug 2005, 23:56
Forum: Community
Topic: Hey, found this on Google and it rules!
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ya i can juggle 4 thousand straight and it is because when i was 12 i could only do about 10 and then we had a keep up competition in my soccer league i practised for about a hour a day and by the end of the month i could do about 500 from 10 now that i am 15 i can juggle non-stop for hours even tho...
by upandcoming
10 Aug 2005, 13:45
Forum: Players
Topic: a young serb
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I think the EPL is the biggest league in the world with no doubt a ton of premier teams
by upandcoming
10 Aug 2005, 13:33
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Push ups
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people think arm power is just about throw-ins its way more important then that with upper body strength you can hold of defenders, power through forwards, nock people off the ball and lots more
by upandcoming
10 Aug 2005, 12:34
Forum: Competition
Topic: Practise
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Re: Practise

hey, i'm thirteen, and i play at the top leavel for my age, the super y league, and for my provincial team(i live in canada) and i started thinking that i may be able to go far in soccer, but i would like to know how i can become pro when i' older, and how i can become an amazing ground moves like ...
by upandcoming
09 Aug 2005, 16:16
Forum: Competition
Topic: Match Days
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Match Days

What do you guys do on match days? i mostly just sit around my house watch football maybe do some light training for a hour or 2 at the most how bout u guys what do you do to prepare on match days
by upandcoming
09 Aug 2005, 16:13
Forum: Players
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lol to be honest i don't think anyone els will think crespo is better (i certainly don't) crespo is a gd finisher but he is way too inconsistent he didnt score very many for chelski, but the year before joining he was serie a top scorer for internazionale. shevchenko is quick, skillfull, a gd finis...
by upandcoming
09 Aug 2005, 14:24
Forum: Players
Topic: What player are you most like?
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i dont really know if there is a player that i really resemble maybe closest to a player like gerrand
by upandcoming
09 Aug 2005, 14:21
Forum: Players
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shevy is a better all around player and my choice as a better striker but i think crespo is a different style of play crespo is just a goal scorer not a all around player he is more in comparision to someone like shear who just scores goals!
by upandcoming
09 Aug 2005, 14:07
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: prof. footballers tricks compilation
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i loved it great comp
by upandcoming
06 Aug 2005, 23:56
Forum: Skills
Topic: Elastico
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i learned how do it, after a bit of practise you'll get it