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by jcdenton
20 Apr 2007, 19:26
Forum: World Cup
Topic: if yugoslavia still exsisted.
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They never could get it together when they were a country, and I doubt they could now if they were a country. If you saw the breakdown Croatia had, that would be how I'd see them leaving the tournament, in the round of 16/quarter-finals. If the team that won the Youth World Cup in Chile stayed toge...
by jcdenton
20 Apr 2007, 13:45
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Test yourself!!
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Congratulations, Nemanja!
Your IQ score is 136

not good enough...
maybe because i don't know these english proverb-like phrases, so i just pick some logical answer...
by jcdenton
18 Apr 2007, 12:59
Forum: Players
Topic: Player Vs. Player
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Paul Gascoine... awesome footballer... i love to watch the games from his time... he's type of the player that will never become forgotten, because he's Gazza... btw, Onopko was Russian stopper in 90s, reliable defender and Miroslav Kadlec was also great defender... Czech captain... Messi vs Fabregas
by jcdenton
17 Apr 2007, 15:29
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Drinking
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about drinking...
check this video for the song by local Belgrade rap group...
this is what happens when Al Pacino gets drunk:
they mention Dorcol few times in this song...
it's actually song about local criminals getting drunk on Saturday night...
by jcdenton
17 Apr 2007, 10:51
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Racism
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hahaha, i'm at stormfront forums for long time...
one of the biggest wings of stormfront is in Serbia...
one of the main subforums is called Stormfront Srbija...
by jcdenton
16 Apr 2007, 15:57
Forum: User Created
Topic: Some New Sigs! :)
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Shifty_FSU wrote:hey sorry but i never saved a photo impression file for it - just a jpg, sorry.
never mind... :)
by jcdenton
16 Apr 2007, 13:25
Forum: Players
Topic: The Knockout Game!
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14 Zinedine Zidane 15 Pele 12 Johan Cruyff 5 Diego Maradona (+1) 13 Franz Beckenbauer 10 Roberto Baggio 11 David Beckham (-1) 7 Alfredo Di Stefano 8 Eusebio 10 Garrincha 11 Ruud Gullit 10 Stanley Matthews 7 Michel Platini 11 Marco Van Basten 9 Zico 10 Zgbiniek Boniek 13 George Best 9 Eric Cantona 12...
by jcdenton
15 Apr 2007, 13:07
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Ideas for a team name ?
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name your team total 90 and get some nike balls and uniforms I cant really becuase are kits are already done apart from the name printing on them and the match ball is the world cup adidas one .... These are some good names and iwannagopro's is good sadly i dont think we can have a name that long h...
by jcdenton
15 Apr 2007, 07:21
Forum: Skills
Topic: Big Guys and the Ball
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the easiest way to solve this is to follow them and to get in front of them before they receive the ball...
if you don't manage to do this, just foul him softly...
by jcdenton
15 Apr 2007, 07:14
Forum: Competition
Topic: tryouts in germany!
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and about MLS, Sasa Curcic said it well: My club NY Metrostars is totally crazy! It's led by Jews and Italians in some techno-turbo way! You know, blacks and all What is that guy on about!? He sounds more like a racist prick than anything else. This guy is an authority that you listen to? no, he's ...
by jcdenton
15 Apr 2007, 06:55
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: What Sport sre you meant for ??
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soccer11 wrote:haha jcdenton, i love how you all of a sudden you found all these pics of you playing these random sports :lol:
my friend took this picture yesterday...
the building in the background is where i live...
by jcdenton
15 Apr 2007, 06:51
Forum: Community
Topic: Where did your nickname come from?
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i guess everyone knows who is JCDenton...

famous hero from the PC game called "Deus Ex"...
by jcdenton
14 Apr 2007, 23:19
Forum: Competition
Topic: season ended
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some running twice a week and some ball kicking once a week can keep you fit until your trainings start... you have to get hungry for the ball... :wink:
by jcdenton
14 Apr 2007, 23:12
Forum: Community
Topic: Where are you from?
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im from massachusetts, USA, and i finally see some grass :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I remember that city. in the revolution war this girl called Deborah Sampson joined the army and is well known in the USA now.. you seen her house? is it still standing? and i am from the ghetto Massachusetts is a sta...
by jcdenton
14 Apr 2007, 23:07
Forum: Competition
Topic: I dont no whats wrong
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first, if she had done that she didn't love you... sorry, but i have to be honest...

just think about it another way and it can be your source of motivation, and you'll play even better...