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by Soccerfury
21 Sep 2006, 00:51
Forum: Skills
Topic: What a day
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What a day

Today for 3 hours straight i practiced on my juggling, well i managed to juggle up to 15 after continous of hard practicing. My whole legs hurt now tommorrow i gotta start trainning juggling again. Anything else to train while trying to freestyle? im trainning juggling first to get good at it so oth...
by Soccerfury
19 Sep 2006, 02:51
Forum: Skills
Topic: How to get passed a defender or opponent
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How to get passed a defender or opponent

Hi, i was just wondering how i get passed a defender or an opponent trying to get the ball from me. I find it really hard trying to get passed by them and have no clue what to work on, if you could please help me with improving on how to fake and get passed a defender while at the same time having g...