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by tonymahony
19 Aug 2006, 21:23
Forum: Community
Topic: Shoe Sizes
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by tonymahony
19 Aug 2006, 20:31
Forum: Players
Topic: Ronaldhino's teeth
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ronaldo's teeth arent very nice either. haha, but i think ronaldinho's teeth are AWESOME, they give him a nice aura. ronalodo's teeth give him super powers.
by tonymahony
19 Aug 2006, 19:55
Forum: Players
Topic: Player Vs. Player
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i'd say Zlatan...he's huge!!! haha 8)

Pele-Maradona (wait has this been done? sorry if it has been im too lazy to read the rest of the thread :oops: )
by tonymahony
17 Aug 2006, 20:10
Forum: User Created
Topic: Sigs, up for grabs! I'm also taking requests!
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How bout sigs from the AFC :cry:
by tonymahony
17 Aug 2006, 06:58
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Nike Air Legend
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air legends look sw33t. haha. I wear shoes that are modelled like air legends, and i would like to be a forward. the liberos are nice. cept a bit old and under technology but they're nice and simple turf shoes
by tonymahony
17 Aug 2006, 03:58
Forum: Fitness
Topic: WORST INJURY !!!!!!!
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i pulled a muscle near my left hip. I was running track and i strained it. Not very intense but thats my worst injury
by tonymahony
17 Aug 2006, 03:49
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Help me choose my boots!
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i would like to buy the nike tiemo mystics but thats just me. :D
by tonymahony
17 Aug 2006, 03:42
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Help me select boots
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whew thanks guys that helps a lotttttt. But more feedback would still help a lot. For those who answered already thank you! :D
by tonymahony
16 Aug 2006, 21:49
Forum: Competition
Topic: Very big game tommorrow.
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realx and have fun. Go to your happy place
by tonymahony
16 Aug 2006, 21:01
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Post Your Boots !
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i have adidas liberos, which were my dad's when he played football. There arent very many good pics around cus these shoes are so old..

Just google images Adidas Libero[/img]
by tonymahony
16 Aug 2006, 04:41
Forum: Skills
Topic: is that a guppy??????????????????????????????
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is that a guppy??????????????????????????????

Uh okay dudes and dudettes. Alright i'm REEEEEALLLY bad at juggling. my top record is 3. Now guys I really need help at juggling, does anyone have a guide?
And does anyone have a topspin guide?

I need help juggling please help!!!I really suck!
by tonymahony
16 Aug 2006, 04:19
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Help me select boots
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Help me select boots

Hey guys I have been stuck between choosing some boots alright here's the controversy. I'm a fan of Nike and I always will be so i wanted the T 90's, the Mercurial Vapors, or the Tiempo Legends. I wanna be a striker or a forward. Please respond I need help quickly. Or should i just drop Nike and swi...
by tonymahony
11 Aug 2006, 07:44
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Zidane wtf....
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well for one Materazzi should shut the f*ck up, no one insults the great Zizou. And if i was in Zidane's position and he made fun of my mom i would have destroyed him. BUT Zidane made a kind of brash decision and i think that the Zizou could have made a better one.
by tonymahony
11 Aug 2006, 07:35
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: barca vs club america
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that game was great all the goals Barca score in those 10 minutes gave me the willies...Beautiful Barca!
by tonymahony
04 Aug 2006, 06:37
Forum: Skills
Topic: Curving the ball a la Roberto Carlos
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i see no wonder my kicks just bend like an old lady's breasts.(which makes no sense at all) Thanks for the Carlos bending thing. It's a shame he's gettin old though. Well not old, but he's aging. Now i can bend it like beckham, even better, bend it like Roberto Carlos!