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by finny06
25 Jul 2006, 08:37
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Muscles really sore!!! Please help!!!
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your 16 , so you probaably have already had a growth spurt , but if your currently having one this can stretch your muscles alot and can make your muscles sore if you don't stretch them excessivly while in the spurt .. i recently had a growth spurt and i had a VERY Painful feeling in the arch of my ...
by finny06
25 Jul 2006, 08:34
Forum: Fitness
Topic: In need of excercise routine
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the one by jdfoe sounds good , dehydration and breating improperly can affect your performance alot so remember before matches to drink alot and make sure you think about your breathing!
by finny06
25 Jul 2006, 08:31
Forum: Fitness
Topic: astma
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lucky for me i don't have it but i found some information on advair for you ! ... ir&spell=1
by finny06
25 Jul 2006, 08:29
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Unique way to increase foot/leg speed
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cool , nice advice.. im going on holiday soon with our own pool so ill definitly try it - thanks!
by finny06
25 Jul 2006, 08:28
Forum: Skills
Topic: Too much practicing?
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yeh listen to a-man

are you a natural footballer , because i think you should be able to do way over 3 juggles even if your legs are hurting like hell
by finny06
24 Jul 2006, 20:01
Forum: Equipment
Topic: new ball
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yeh , ive got a t90 swift thats really worn out , but tis still good and has lasted me a while .. i need to get my hands on a new one

(HAHA split007 , i hope your signature is a joke , otherwise your not very good with computers are you)