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by speedbump
01 Apr 2005, 09:48
Forum: Skills
Topic: Help with stepover moves
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Re: Soccer moves (i need help)

im a long legged soccer player. im really tall, about 6ft 2in. whenever i do stepovers i can never fake a defender. are there any moves someone can show me that a tall person can use that dont require much stepping over. if u can, please send me a clips of it or pics. any other advice would be grea...
by speedbump
01 Apr 2005, 09:44
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Increasing height
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Re: heading

i am a good header but i am short what can i do to increase my height. you didn't mention how old you are. if you are 18 or older there's a good chance you are done growing. if you're younger, you could eat more greens, play basketball (jumping helps) or do some crossbar exercises. hope this helps!
by speedbump
01 Apr 2005, 09:37
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: neckstall
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actually, the neckstall is one of the easiest stalls, once you get the know-how. i'll try to give you some pointers... first of all, you could try trowing the ball above you head using you hands instead of your feet. it's gonna be easier for you to actually concentrate on the stall itself than tryin...
by speedbump
01 Apr 2005, 09:14
Forum: Community
Topic: Hello from Chicago
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Hello from Chicago

Hi guys/gals, this is my first post here, but I can already see there's a nice soccer community going on here, which is great! My name's Alex and I'm 21 yrs old. I've played soccer for about 14 yrs now. I live in chicago's nw burbs (if there's anyone around here, just holla). I played for my high sc...