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by Pokerized
15 Aug 2006, 16:52
Forum: Fitness
Topic: saliva
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Not sure the exact science behind it, but it happens to everyone. It's nothing to worry about.
by Pokerized
12 Aug 2006, 17:20
Forum: Competition
Topic: Very big game tommorrow.
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Re: Very big game tommorrow.

hello all, tommorrow ill be having the biggest game in our season. It decides if we go to provincials or not. im just wondering what i can do to prepare myselft mentaly and physicly. aka.what to eat,have a small training session? also i would like to know for these big games, do you really have to ...
by Pokerized
11 Aug 2006, 19:45
Forum: Skills
Topic: Specified technique at training
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I combine dribbling, juggling, and shooting into one 3 hour workout. Progress on all skills will be slower than if you worked on just one for 3 hours, but one skill won't degenerate as you practice a different one. I guess it just works for me.
by Pokerized
11 Aug 2006, 18:44
Forum: Community
Topic: A Bit About You
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Name: Nick Trombley Football/Freestyling Alias/Nickname: Pokerized Location: Beekmantown, NY Year Born: 1991 Favourite Soccer Club: Brazil Favourite Player: Ronaldinho Playing Football Since: 1996, I was 5 Freestyling Since: Never, I'm still working on being able to juggle Other Hobbies: Video games...
by Pokerized
11 Aug 2006, 18:39
Forum: Community
Topic: Time to shame myself!
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It's always good news to hear that someone new is getting into soccer. Welcome to the site!
by Pokerized
11 Aug 2006, 14:54
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Soccer/football
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Yup, I'm serious.
by Pokerized
10 Aug 2006, 16:37
Forum: Skills
Topic: What's the point in doin' scissors/stepovers ?
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you're right, you're supposed to watch the ball and not the attacker's body, but most defenders can't help but notice how a player's body moves. stepovers, when done correctly, meaning shifting the body correctly, are probably one of the most effective moves you can do. Correct. I'm mainly a defend...
by Pokerized
08 Aug 2006, 20:50
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Knee injury, not sure how to help it.
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Knee injury, not sure how to help it.

Last monday at soccer camp I was going for a 50/50 ball with another kid and I got there first but he came behind me and hit me so my knee bent to the side, if I remember correctly. Ever since then the left side of my right knee, on the outside, has been very sore and it hurts to walk. I've been wea...
by Pokerized
08 Aug 2006, 14:50
Forum: Skills
Topic: how long you train a day?
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Yeah, I just did it yesterday, and it's frickin' long. If I didn't cut it short my routine would have taken over 3 hours. I didn't have that long.
by Pokerized
08 Aug 2006, 00:31
Forum: Competition
Topic: What makes you special?
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I'm smart. Smarter than most everyone in my school actually, and I have the grades to prove it. I guess it sets me aside from the other players on my team.
by Pokerized
07 Aug 2006, 13:29
Forum: Community
Topic: Best Leadsinger Of All Time & Why?
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Freddie Mercury. I need not say more, it's self explanatory.
by Pokerized
07 Aug 2006, 13:22
Forum: Community
Topic: Top 5 Favorite Movies?
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The Goonies
Lord of the Rings trilogy
Pirates of the Carribean movies
V For Vendetta
Sin City
by Pokerized
07 Aug 2006, 13:17
Forum: Skills
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Yeah, wall ball is fun. To play all you need is a wall and two or more people. Just kick the ball against the wall, and then the next person in line has to kick it and so on until it goes back to you. If the ball stops rolling, or misses the wall, you're out.
by Pokerized
07 Aug 2006, 03:35
Forum: Competition
Topic: USL practice- how often?
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He asked it, then found out from someone outside the site, and figured he'd give us the answer in case we didn't know.
by Pokerized
07 Aug 2006, 01:58
Forum: Equipment
Topic: help
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Order offline.