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by Loopy4
14 Feb 2009, 12:31
Forum: Skills
Topic: Round the worlds - are they as hard as people say they are?
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i think they ARE hard.
But then again i am VERY small and have Tiny Legs, so it is harder to menuver around the ball, but thats me.
by Loopy4
14 Feb 2009, 11:55
Forum: Skills
Topic: got skills dont use them ?
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Re: got skills dont use them ?

sorry about asking you guys everything after this i will awnser more posts and everything.but anyway i know loads of skills and been practicing them over and over again and i still dont use them in a game because im scared of loosing the ball or messing it up do you no how i can overcum this ? than...
by Loopy4
14 Feb 2009, 11:50
Forum: Skills
Topic: Playing Bare foot
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Well if you are learining a new skill, wether it be freestlye or something you can use on the field, i think it is easier to master using bare foot. (i do this but only indoors, i master the trick there) THEN once mastered or almost mastered i go outside WITH trainers/Boots whatever and execute my s...
by Loopy4
13 Feb 2009, 17:05
Forum: Skills
Topic: Your Greatest Nutmeg?
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Hm my person best must be..
im on the right wing and 2 opponents heading towards me. left outside foot through the one and the other goes to slide. i stop dead and as she sliding almost ont the floor i get her through the legs, and then she tkes her own player out because i was gone. Haha.
by Loopy4
13 Feb 2009, 17:02
Forum: Skills
Topic: I have absolutely no confidence at the moment
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Re: I have absolutely no confidence at the moment

I'm feeling like I can't even controll the ball and I'm afraid to screw up cause I don't believe in myself, and neither does my coach. I know I'm the best player but when i play bad i over analyze it. When I go into a game and sya im just gonna have fun or screw it I find I play really good. But at...
by Loopy4
13 Feb 2009, 16:54
Forum: Skills
Topic: arrgh nervousness in game!
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Re: arrgh nervousness in game!

i have made two assists and generally played okay but i still have not scored! i play as a striker too. i dont always score in every game either, dont worry. The time will come and you will score! you just have to be patient and take the chances you are givven. i mean Ronaldo and Torres dont score ...
by Loopy4
13 Feb 2009, 16:50
Forum: Skills
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in my team i use the fancy tricks and crowd please when nessersary ( i enjoy showing off too ;D LOL) but there are a num,ber of people in my team that dont pass 'Ball huggers' as you call it. (solo's what i call it). these people are not popular with the team, as everyone is growing up and realising...