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by mewantgood
11 Aug 2006, 22:11
Forum: Skills
Topic: Good routine???
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i don't think you're giving us enough information. How out of shape are you?What kind of kicking practice do you do? the more information you give us the more we can help.
by mewantgood
30 Jul 2006, 05:51
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: any cricket fans in here?
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I like twenty20 cricket. In test ricket they block the ball too much and concentrate more on not getting out. ONe day is alright but twenty20 is the best. All the batsman do is whack the ball as hard as they can. I think it is more a spectator sport than a sport for the players though.
by mewantgood
28 Jul 2006, 21:45
Forum: Fitness
Topic: sweating
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This might not be right but sweating keeps your body cool because the sweat has to evaporate off the skin thus making it cool and if you go into a sauna you only lose water which decreases your body weight. Hope all that's right.
by mewantgood
21 Jul 2006, 04:00
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: Australian league vs MLS
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I don't think the A-League will rival the MLS in the near future unless it is put on free-to-air tv
by mewantgood
14 Jul 2006, 06:56
Forum: Skills
Topic: Controlling Speed
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I charge at my opponents full throttle
You really shouldn't be doing that. Jockey them instead
by mewantgood
09 Jul 2006, 04:59
Forum: Skills
Topic: Don't want to recieve ball
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Don't want to recieve ball

I am a defender and I love stealing the ball off attackers but when I get the ball I usually end up turning it over. I don't like joining the attack either. Any tips?
by mewantgood
09 Jul 2006, 04:46
Forum: Skills
Topic: Home dribbling program
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Does getting so many touches with the sole of the foot actually help in a game?
by mewantgood
27 Jun 2006, 02:36
Forum: Skills
Topic: What to do whn defending against 2 attackers
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Delay them as much as you can so the other defenders can get back and so the goalie can get into a good position
by mewantgood
26 Jun 2006, 04:38
Forum: Skills
Topic: Beating defenders standing sideways
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As a defender i am mostly beaten by the nutmeg. I recommend attackers only try and beat defenders if they have backup
by mewantgood
14 May 2006, 06:09
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Should I train more
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Should I train more

I play on Sunday, train on Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes Saturday. My biggest weakness is my sprinting. Should I do extra sprint sessions soutside of training and if I did would I overwork my body? I don't want to overwork my body.
by mewantgood
14 Apr 2006, 10:30
Forum: Skills
Topic: Better Defending
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Better Defending

I am new to soccer and would like to know what makes one defender better than another.