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by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:58
Forum: World Cup
Topic: who do u want to win the world cup?
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Australia or portugal realisticly
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:56
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Fantasy football
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sounds sweet i think messi and robinho will spearhead there teams this june :lol: cant wait :!:
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:53
Forum: World Cup
Topic: Favorite Team From Each Continent
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North America-USA



Asia-South Korea

Oceania-Australia yeh :roll: wer'e the best

South America-Brazil yeh not uruguay there crap
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:49
Forum: World Cup
Topic: the top performers at the w/c
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I think lionel messi will be the most influencial no doubt about it
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:45
Forum: Expert
Topic: Red stars
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Red stars

hey i was wondering how do u get more of the little red stars that are underneath your username :roll: cheers
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:42
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: small or big?
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i can juggle up to about 3000 but its hell boring and yeh the main key of whether it be a freestyler a football player or whateva u gotta practice and practice
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:39
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Can u do this? I guess not.
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why dont u just chew the gum :?:
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:36
Forum: Competition
Topic: Making a soccer tape
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Go tot the Barca website :wink:
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:33
Forum: Competition
Topic: Academy/ football school in England.
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yeh dude just do what u think is best for u and ur future u know it might not work out but that doesnt mean ur not good enuff to play at that level its just the clubs style

once agen good luk :wink:
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:29
Forum: Competition
Topic: How can you get noticed at U - level for the national team.
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scouts are only gonna choose players that they think are suitable for todays market. they say its 70% physical strength and 30% skills which is dissapointing but u gotta give dem wat they want to the point.
by touchshoot
27 May 2006, 06:25
Forum: Competition
Topic: I gotta a trial for chelsea in august what do I do now?
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by touchshoot
26 May 2006, 23:24
Forum: Skills
Topic: Beating defenders standing sideways
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How do you dribble past players when they are standing sideways on and they don't attack the ball? For me its almost impossible. I can skin players easily when they are facing me directly but when standing sideways they can't be wrongfooted. i agree with peps u gotta play wats best for the team not...
by touchshoot
26 May 2006, 23:19
Forum: Skills
Topic: Are defenders harder to get by when you get older??
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hey dude i play 15 cross river and basically the defenders are way worse than i am at skills but what they have is physical strength so paying smart is the key :wink:
by touchshoot
26 May 2006, 23:17
Forum: Skills
Topic: Urban Dribbling?/Passion for the game
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:) yeh anytime that u have a ball at ur feet is good for your skills. the more u feel and play around with the ball obviously the more comfortable ur gonna get on the ball. i usually dribble the ball around the house just yeh shimmying and stuff its great fun. :lol:
by touchshoot
26 May 2006, 23:09
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Freestyle Trick Dictionary
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sweet post mate. u knw theres always room to improve but its great give all these uides helps alt cheers :wink: