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by Met
02 Feb 2011, 11:31
Forum: Fitness
Topic: A Tough Time
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You need an MRI scan to be sure of any ligament damage. Other than that, go see a physio, a good one that has clients with sports injuries. A good measure of how good they are is their availability and price to a certain extent. Seriously, cough up the money, do jobs, nag your parents do whatever yo...
by Met
30 Jan 2011, 22:56
Forum: European Football
Topic: La Liga is Over...
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I still think it's too early to say it's over. Injuries to key players for Barca would stop the wheels rolling for Barca. However, RM can shoot the themselves in the foot by giving up now and focusing on other things which is what Barca want as to give them more room for error. Jose won't get fired....
by Met
29 Jan 2011, 15:14
Forum: Players
Topic: Suarez :) Torres :(
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To be honest, I'm surprised it took him this long. The only reason Rafa was able to stay in so long was because Torres was firing in his 4-5-1. Hodgson couldn't get him going since his haircut. And Kenny won't even get time with him. I think Torres has realised that he will have to single handedly d...
by Met
28 Jan 2011, 21:28
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: My Relationship
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I'll play bad cop on this one. Let's recap: You cheat on her once, you tell her because it's your first time, thinking it might blow over. It does. Lucky you. You do it again. You realise it isn't your first time and it might not blow over. It doesn't. In fact you make it worse by a friend having to...
by Met
26 Jan 2011, 23:56
Forum: Skills
Topic: left foot dribbling?
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Use your left foot more. I consciously use my left foot when I'm predominantly right footed during training. People even ask me if I'm right or left footed and I usually can't say either way. My left foot shots are alot better. I use my left so much, I have to remind myself to use my right foot once...
by Met
26 Jan 2011, 12:50
Forum: English football
Topic: Sky Sports sexism row
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Let's face it, men has oppressed woman for many years. Even when we are joking, deep down most people still hold sexist views. It's not publicly acceptable to have these views but privately, many people still do. LTD, brought up good points, things I would never believe would be true but are. I beli...
by Met
25 Jan 2011, 20:42
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Whats a better soccer workout
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Sprint endurance is how long your sprint lasts before you give out. It's a little bit of how long you sprint in one go and also how many times can you repeat that distance before you can no longer do so. For example, let's say your sprint lasts 50m. How many times with little rest inbetween can you ...
by Met
23 Jan 2011, 17:55
Forum: Skills
Topic: needed most out of a striker
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Re: needed most out of a striker

As a striker i know first touch are always important , mine is poor , i have been reading up on the forum for the guides to improve it . My shooting is poor too as my ankle are not locked causing the shot to be poor. I can only keep practicing but time is running out as the competition is coming up...
by Met
19 Jan 2011, 22:50
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Contact Lenses v Goggles
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Edgar Davids ring a bell?

Contact lenses, I'd go for but the hassle if they move during a game for whatever reason. Goggles, depends on how they look for me anyway. Always going to have to explain why you need them.
by Met
17 Jan 2011, 22:12
Forum: Tactics
Topic: How to be more Aggresive and Confident
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Be more aggressive? Tackle! Don't be afraid of no one on the pitch my friend. 50/50 challenges are actually won in the mind. Believe you will get to the ball first, believe you will win the challenge whatever happens. Be more confident? Know what you do well and do it in a game. If you are good at s...
by Met
17 Jan 2011, 00:45
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Your first post
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"Okay, I cannot advise you on which position to play because I'm not sure on mine but from I what I hear you sound like a hard working defensive mid. You can sit just in the opposition's half if a corner and take shots and hope you get a deflections. You short passing skills will be good for keeping...
by Met
16 Jan 2011, 14:04
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Lower Back Pain (especially when shooting or bending forward
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Awesome. always happy to help. Never heard of electro therapy. I'll be honest, I'm imagining you gettting shocked. It probably isn't that but you know imagination... No one ever says but what you do now has a lot of consequences later on in life. When you get hurt now you might be strong enough to p...
by Met
16 Jan 2011, 13:54
Forum: Expert
Topic: Over 200,000 posts!!!!!!!
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Does that include the one posters selling stuff?

80,00 in a year? What's the average while you've got the calculator next to ya!
by Met
11 Jan 2011, 20:40
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Exercise during school?
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Concentrate in class, so it's easier/ quicker to do the homework if the teacher gives ya. If its rubbish, sit at the back and do other homework so you don't waste anytime outside of school time when you could be exercising. Or you could focus on visualising you striking the perfect shot. There's a v...
by Met
10 Jan 2011, 15:05
Forum: Competition
Topic: Getting into Teams
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I'm not sure where you on the line so I'll start at the very beginning. The way I did it was try to find out something about them before hand e.g. where their ground is, when training is and make sure you can make it for at least next 8ish weeks, how close they are, how they did last season, who is ...