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by soccer11
07 Mar 2005, 21:15
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: music before the game
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I listen to a few select bands including Limp Bizkit, Drowning pool and few others like that. A really good song from drowning pool that gets me pumped is "bodies" cuz the lyrics sound cool and inspiring. I always liked rock and it's part of my routine.
by soccer11
07 Mar 2005, 21:08
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Soccer in your family
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I guess my dad was the first to get me to play soccer and this must of started at around age 4, but i couldnt find anywhere to play so i waited the 2 years. right now im 14 turning 15. that makes 9 years since i started in the summer and my b-days in the summer. He taught me most of the basics of th...
by soccer11
07 Mar 2005, 20:57
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: 2 sports
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i agree with the tar heels stuff even though im a Michigan fan( dont worry, they'll turn it around eventually). But even if your the most hardened tar heel fan, you can't take anything away from Indiana. Now thats a great team. As for the 2 sports, i used to play basketball and it really helped me f...
by soccer11
07 Mar 2005, 20:49
Forum: Players
Topic: best player alive
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How can u put Ronaldinho into this conversation. He's really good and all, and i dont want everyone to think im hating on him because im not, he's one of my favorite players right now, but he's not there yet. Even if u dont like Pele, you still gotta say he's the best.
by soccer11
06 Mar 2005, 00:15
Forum: Players
Topic: Beckham
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At the last world cup, David Beckham came out with a mohawk. Do you think he will come out with another awkward hair-style, and if you do, what are some creative ideas you think he will have?
by soccer11
05 Mar 2005, 02:03
Forum: Tactics
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I do have someone i looked up to. He was my coach a few years ago, but i hated him. He never did anything the way i wanted ( i was a pretty undiciplined player for a few years of my career) He always played some style that i hated, but when he finally changed his philosiphy, he put me back on defens...
by soccer11
05 Mar 2005, 01:51
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Total 90's and Mercurial Vapors
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Right now im still wearing the AZT 90 2 which i've had for a while. Im in serious consideration of not buying one of the "Big Two" brands (meaning adidas and nike) and go with a pair of diadoras, lottos, or even the umbros. first ill see what nike comes out with first because im a big nike slappy.
by soccer11
05 Mar 2005, 01:43
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Adidas Predator Pulse
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Im a nike guy myself, but a lot of people on my team and other teams had them and they really recomended them. They said it was very comfortable but the get worn out easily like i belive madridfanfc said. But as far as i know, they are good.
by soccer11
01 Mar 2005, 01:59
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Lotto
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What does everyone thik about those Lotto brand boots?
by soccer11
01 Mar 2005, 01:38
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Abdomen drills
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I think a solid mid-section is essential but i just wanna know, is having a six pack really necassary for a soccer player? someone answer that question for me.
by soccer11
01 Mar 2005, 01:32
Forum: Community
Topic: Hi, I'm new here...
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I am also quite new here. I just registered the other day, even tough ive known about this website for over a year now. I really like the site. Tell me what u think about my signature on he bottom if it's there.
by soccer11
27 Feb 2005, 20:31
Forum: Players
Topic: do you think beckham is overrated?
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I belive beckham is overrated a little bit, but you can't overlook what he can do. No one takes free kicks better than him. he's a great passer, which i think his passing is very underrated. In my mind, he's one of the best passers in the game. Just think about that for a while.
by soccer11
27 Feb 2005, 20:25
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Best shoes
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cfrealmadrid made a real good point. It all depeds on the position. I find that nike mercurial vapors arent good for playing midfield, depending on the type of midfielder you are. as you see roberto carlos play you notice he runs a lot, thats why he wears total 90's as does figo and i belive he does...
by soccer11
27 Feb 2005, 20:18
Forum: Equipment
Topic: shin pads: ankle protection or not?
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i find that when im a foward the defenders kick your ankles. I used to play without ankle protectors but after the game, you could see the scrapes from where they kicked me. I got mad so i switched to wearing the ankle protectors. Although it's true they wont protect you from a broken ankle or anoth...