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by soccer11
05 Apr 2005, 23:31
Forum: Skills
Topic: Shooting advice
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That takes lots of practice. In my mind getting power "and" accuracy is one of the most difficult things to master. It seams like a lot of people have trouble doing this for some reason.
by soccer11
05 Apr 2005, 23:27
Forum: Skills
Topic: How long to train to become pro
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I dedicate every spare time i have to soccer in some way. Yeah, you're right, i drive my parents crazy
by soccer11
05 Apr 2005, 23:19
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Taking my time
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I have that exact same problem. My coach told me to work on my first touch, for whatever reason. He also told me to pass the ball instead of trying to dribble. Thats ok, except when your teammates start yelling at you too, cuz when that happens i feel more nervous and i cant calm down when i have my...
by soccer11
03 Apr 2005, 21:21
Forum: English football
Topic: Man United fans
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hackr17 wrote:
did you guys here that Alex Ferguson could be sacked

are you serious. I hope not. He's one of the greatest of all time. who would they get to replace a legend?
by soccer11
03 Apr 2005, 21:09
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Your favorite soccer shoe
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If you never bought the cleat then you dont know that they're the most comfortable boot you ever wore. Theres a difference from playing in it then just trying them on at a store. I never wore them before, but i am told they are quite comfortable, but ill stick with my Nikes for now.
by soccer11
02 Apr 2005, 01:47
Forum: European Football
Topic: Real Madrid players leaving
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I think they do have problems but that will happen when you put so many egos into one locker room, dont you agree? If Figo does leave, then Beckham could move over to right mid and Zidane back in the middle, cuz he doesnt play wide that well.I hope Raul stays for a few more season though, but if he ...
by soccer11
01 Apr 2005, 22:09
Forum: Players
Topic: Who currently is the most unstoppable player on the field?
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I woulda said Ronaldinho, but i dont know anymore. It seems that he tries too hard and forces things.
by soccer11
01 Apr 2005, 22:02
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: What kind of Music do you Listen to before or after a game..
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rock, rock and more rock. It's all i listen to. It's usually Limp Bizkit, Staind, P.O.D. or someone of those lines. Its just calms me and gets me in my own little world.
by soccer11
01 Apr 2005, 21:59
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: The best thing you've broken
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this topic brings back great memories from my old house. This one time, I musta been like 8, I got really mad because i missed a wide-open net so i kicked the ball and just murdered the window. I got so scared, i didnt know what my dad was gonna say. He was pretty cool about it since he too, was a s...
by soccer11
01 Apr 2005, 21:45
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: USA Guatemala
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How come you are getitng tired of Johnson? He's arguably the best finisher on the team right now.
by soccer11
30 Mar 2005, 20:49
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Doing all the work
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I say do what dooglas said to do and, put on some muscle. get stronger so you can hold your own on the field against the bigger people. And another question, whats up with the 200 pound people you're playing against. I think, or at least i hope you were exagerating. And have you ever thought about t...
by soccer11
29 Mar 2005, 18:06
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Doing situps
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that sounds hard to do. my back would really hurt after. I still dont know if you mean 10,000 at a time, because thats a crazy number when you really think about it.
by soccer11
29 Mar 2005, 18:03
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Brand of Choice
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I picked nike for the simple fact that, if most of the pros where it, then it's probobly good enough for me, and keep in mind that not everyone who wears the boots is sponsored by it, so you cant say that they wear it only for the money.
by soccer11
29 Mar 2005, 18:00
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Weight of elite players
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yeah i know, i heard that 2 pounds of muscle is equivilent to like a pound of fat. But i just didnt know why they weighed so much cuz they dont really look that muscular, but the more i think of it, the more i think the muscles probobly in their legs, and their bones gotta be stronger then the avera...
by soccer11
25 Mar 2005, 21:34
Forum: European Football
Topic: How have you chosen your favorite club?
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I also have more than one favorite, i'll name them in order

1:Real Madrid
2:Manchester united
3:LA Galaxy (Cobi Jones)
4:Barcelona (only because of Ronaldinho)
6:Inter Milan
8:Guadalajara Chivas
9:AC Milan