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by HJK
19 Mar 2005, 02:36
Forum: Competition
Topic: You or the number
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well traditionally in england
the center mids are 4 or 8
the right mid is 7 the left mid is 11
the keeper is 1
i'm not too sure aboout the other positions
by HJK
17 Mar 2005, 02:03
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Tips for juggling
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i started juggling last june on my first day i juggled for about 2 hours and my high was 17 even though i kept using my right foot only i practiced about 20 or so minutes about everyday till september and by then i could do about 20 everytime i juggled and now its march and i can get about 100 whene...
by HJK
16 Mar 2005, 22:34
Forum: Competition
Topic: How to become pro
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play for a club team , there are a couple of really good teams in chicago , chicago magic is a club team that is ranked the number one boys club team in america ( i bet if u played for them college coaches would definitely get to see u when they attend national tournaments als...
by HJK
16 Mar 2005, 04:02
Forum: Players
Topic: top 3 strikers in the world??
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top 3 strikers in the world??

who do think are the top three strikers in the world as of now??
1. Shevchenko
2.Thierry Henry
3. Adriano

at first i couldnt decide whether to put Etoo or Makaay or Rooney but after Adriano's game against Porto there's no doubt in my mind he is at least top three in the world
by HJK
16 Mar 2005, 03:55
Forum: World Cup
Topic: your favorite goal of wc 2002
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as a korean i have to say ahn jun hwan's goal against italy
by HJK
16 Mar 2005, 03:46
Forum: Competition
Topic: Performance over skills?
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Performance over skills?

so expert u say that performance is more important then skills at the pro level? what do u mean as in performance??
by HJK
14 Mar 2005, 04:21
Forum: Competition
Topic: Playing pro soccer
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Playing pro soccer

how much would someone have to practice everyday if he wanted to be a pro soccer player?
by HJK
27 Feb 2005, 05:02
Forum: Equipment
Topic: What kind of cleats are u wearing right now? and gonna get?
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What kind of cleats are u wearing right now? and gonna get?

right i have a pair of Puma kings
my feet don't fit in well with these but these shoes have a great ball feel

right now i'm saving up for either total 90's or predator pulses or F50's
by HJK
26 Feb 2005, 01:18
Forum: Tactics
Topic: What makes a good CM?
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What makes a good CM?

i just don't understand what it takes to be a good central midfielder...
am i supposed to be dribbler, a shooter, just sit in the middle and pass it to outside players, play defense?? i just dont know....