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by williampro
24 Jan 2008, 06:08
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Head stall
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headstall is very easy to is how you can do it, place the ball on the line of where your hair stands.... raise your eyebrow( you wouldnt need to do this soon you get comfortable with this), than place your head and count how long you can do this. It is practice however. once you get comfo...
by williampro
24 Jan 2008, 05:42
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Does it matter what age you start?
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I started freestyle at age 14 or something......... so far i kno lots of moves and kno how to juggle, i dont think it matters what age u start long as you work hard and practice everyday for it......... :)
by williampro
17 Jan 2008, 02:22
Forum: Equipment
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i hav adidas comfortable and not only that it actually does increase your shots, ballcontrol, and really light, im not kiddin adidas predator is the best........ :D
by williampro
10 Jan 2008, 01:37
Forum: Fitness
Topic: High School Tryouts coming soon!
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hey i tried out for my soccer team before. i only tried out once because i injured myself when i was running but here is some tips........ i notice coaches ask wha is ur name when u do something sweet or awesome control of the ball or whatever....... not only that, u'll play in a small field that th...
by williampro
09 Jan 2008, 04:45
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Need help w/ juggling
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it is all practice but however you need to learn how to practice it if that's what you mean..... snap your knee and your ankle.......i been practicing without a ball and kept doing this for 5mins each day when im somewhere like at the mall or something....... i just imagine the ball is there, then i...
by williampro
09 Jan 2008, 04:39
Forum: Skills
Topic: I have a problem
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To relax, practicing how to breath properly. This will help you with free-kicks and other stressful things in soccer. I practice at home for like 10 mins which isn't a lot. But see my point. You need oxygen in your brain to relax and to focus. This will help you with lot things. Breath deeply and th...
by williampro
08 Jan 2008, 05:12
Forum: Skills
Topic: 1vs1 moves
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I usually watch lot of videos of Crisitiano Ronaldo, I just keep watching the same video and play in slow motions to copy his moves. It works! But don't just watch them, try them! I already know basically every moves, I'm learning but I learn new moves everyday. Try this. It will help. Watch&Learn.
by williampro
08 Jan 2008, 05:05
Forum: Skills
Topic: Small football or a tennisball?
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I also use tennis ball but only to help with my dribbling, juggling the tennis ball is kind the easy with big shoes but with thinner shoes are harder. I just notice that today when I was trying to juggle more than 30 times in my school.
by williampro
08 Jan 2008, 04:25
Forum: Skills
Topic: How to be confidence when dribbling through defender(s)?
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How to be confidence when dribbling through defender(s)?

Like I'm a great dribbler, I can do basically every moves for fun against friends or something but I can't do it like that in real games. :x I'm scared that I might screw it up or something like that. How can not be nervous in middle of the game.....? I play Winger/Striker...........
by williampro
08 Jan 2008, 00:02
Forum: Skills
Topic: Using an egg to improve touch
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i think u mean size like 3 or 2 balls because i never heard of usin eggs to improve your touches..... i use tennis ball with my dribbling&juggling.......but eggs will just break.....
by williampro
07 Jan 2008, 23:45
Forum: Skills
Topic: fast feet
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fast feet

i was actually born fast :D ...... but the problem with me though is my stamina..... not only that i want to increase my running skills because i want to dribble lot faster and stuff..... please how do i increase fast running skills........