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by williampro
31 Jan 2009, 02:07
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Zlatans Flick up Trick
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yo that's the easiest trick to do, check out my tutorial it will show you......
enjoy :D
by williampro
31 Jan 2009, 00:40
Forum: Fitness
Topic: What do you do when your full?
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What do you do when your full?

if eat lots of food and your full what should you do? im trying to not gain too much and weight and sometimes i sometimes eat too much by mistake.....
by williampro
27 Jan 2009, 03:18
Forum: Skills
Topic: I have absolutely no confidence at the moment
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same thing happened me...... like in practices i pwned everybody by tricking them and i have like cannon foot...... but when it comes to games i freeze up for some reason and when ever i lose the ball i start to feel bad for myself, i guess all u can do is you need to gain more "game experience" lik...
by williampro
14 Jan 2009, 06:47
Forum: Skills
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today in indoor soccer, i pwned everyone by nutmegging everyone and doing fancy tricks and I ALSO HAD MY ANKLE WEIGHTS ON and i still pwned them, but the annoying thing is my teammates call me a ball hugger....... i mean is it that bad since i usually never lose the ball and give me team a chance to...
by williampro
13 Dec 2008, 07:20
Forum: Skills
Topic: Zlatan's dribbling style and strength
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Zlatan's dribbling style and strength

dont just love how he dribbles and players are trying to knock him down but they knock themselve down...... i honestly think zlatan is one of the best player in the world, better than CR7 even though he is one of my favourite but zlatan....... he has perfect balance and strength.... lol this is a ra...
by williampro
08 Dec 2008, 23:12
Forum: Skills
Topic: on a wet day.......
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on a wet day.......

the field we always play in is very wet and slippery......... i play as right mind/forward....... i was injured for a 2 weeks and i decide to play anyway...... i find it strange when i run and try to get the ball from defender i cant see to stop my feet as well i should of.......... :? is it because...
by williampro
02 Dec 2008, 05:57
Forum: Skills
Topic: juggling with your head
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u can juggle with your head all the way to the goal net(seal juggling) :D
by williampro
07 Nov 2008, 02:07
Forum: Fitness
Topic: are players born fast or made fast
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I was borned faster than others, since kingdergarden and im still am. I though everyone can run fast as me if they try but they said "I'm too fast". My teacher even recommend me to do track and field. He told everyone how fast I am. I thought it wasn't a talent, for some reason I was just natural fa...
by williampro
05 Nov 2008, 00:59
Forum: Skills
Topic: Round the worlds - are they as hard as people say they are?
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you should of post this site on the freestyle section....... it's not hard, it only took me 1 hour or 2 hours to actually learn it.....
by williampro
30 Oct 2008, 23:40
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Juggling with one foot
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Juggling with one foot

k....... well i can juggle more than 300 times or so with both legs. i can juggle more than 200 times with one foot but my friend told me that it looks strange when i juggle with one foot, im wondering if you juggle with one foot are u suppose to like hop a with ur supporting foot or something, like...
by williampro
29 Oct 2008, 05:33
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Mental Exercises For Football
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all u can do is trust in ur abilities and hope u can have a good game. play with joy:) not for career, no matter what u have to love the game. or just take a deep breath and drink water if u re feeling nervous, that's what i do:)
by williampro
29 Oct 2008, 05:25
Forum: Competition
Topic: Bad days
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yea.... today that happened to me, last week practices i was like the best for my team i just joined and i domated the whole players despite my knee injury. but today something went wrong, i felt strange when we decide to have a small field game, i couldnt do any of my dribbling that i did last prac...
by williampro
16 Oct 2008, 01:04
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: my goal
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nice i love ur celebration
by williampro
12 Oct 2008, 21:52
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Having strong muscled legs helps what in football?
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it also helps ur shooting in soccer
by williampro
30 Sep 2008, 00:46
Forum: Competition
Topic: For every footballer in the making here's a few contacts
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lol wait they actually give u a trial just emailing them?