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by OJ9
19 Dec 2007, 21:43
Forum: Tactics
Topic: What position should I play?
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Target man, just watch the likes of Didier Drogba, Dean Ashton, Carlos Ruiz, Luca Toni, and Christian Vieri.
by OJ9
19 Dec 2007, 21:38
Forum: Competition
Topic: For every footballer in the making here's a few contacts
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Has anyone got email addresses for Leyton Orient, Dagenham and Redbridge, Norwich City, Ipswich Town, Colchester and Crystal Palace?
by OJ9
19 Dec 2007, 21:30
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Post Your Boots !
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I'll post them at the weekend; be warned, they won't be clean, trust me ;[

They're a pair of Turf Nike First Touches (Turquoize/Black/White), T90 Lasers Soft Ground in White/Gold, and Air Legends Firm Ground in White/Blue (personalised).
by OJ9
19 Dec 2007, 21:24
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Which boots should I get?
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However, the preds are susceptible to tear and is very non-durable. What do you mean by plastic buttons? You mean studs? Anyways, for astroturf and pavement, I think you should be looking more into the indoor soccer shoe line, and for this I would recommend Nike T90 (the strikes or the IIIs). Adida...
by OJ9
19 Dec 2007, 21:22
Forum: Equipment
Topic: T90 laser and T90 strike
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I have the white/gold lasers in SG, and if i'm honest, I prefer them to all boots (i've had all types, Preds, Vapors). I have Air Legends in FG and they are one par to them. And btw, the Lasers I have are made from kangaroo leather like Legends.
by OJ9
19 Dec 2007, 21:18
Forum: Equipment
Topic: What boots do you use to freestyle
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Nike First Touches.
by OJ9
19 Dec 2007, 21:15
Forum: Skills
Topic: Ball playing centre halfs and liberos;
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Ball playing centre halfs and liberos;

No, not the gay ones. I'm talking about the likes of Franco Baresi, Franz Beckenbauer and Bobby Moore. This is kinda my position; I used to be a central midfielder (either deep-lying or in the hole) because of my passing and tackling abilities. I occasionally play there (mainly for my school team) b...
by OJ9
19 Dec 2007, 21:00
Forum: Skills
Topic: HOLY SH!T RUGBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm a really good kicker in rugby, I play flyhalf and my cross field kicks/drop goals/kick offs are pretty good. Considering I only tried to do them this year, apparently if i'd have started kicking younger i would be an amazing kicker. EDIT; To above poster, i've played football for 10 years and ru...