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by Alexio1092
14 Oct 2007, 15:52
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Inside the foot juggling?
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Re: Inside the foot juggling?

Does it matter that much? I cant inside juggle if my life depended on it. I honestly love doing it as it provides me with an extra option should the ball be looking to be falling a bit awkwardly for me on the top of my foot. Then again I love using all parts of my body to juggle. :wink: My Chinese ...
by Alexio1092
14 Oct 2007, 14:51
Forum: Equipment
Topic: flat feet..
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Fallen Arches

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION Qi Kong like many martial arts teaches that all energy is generated from the feet, if that connection is broken (i.e. unsupported feet) a person can experience all types of difficulties, as is my situation. One day I had flat feet, every person I saw said it was normal, so I co...