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by redrover365
14 Oct 2007, 03:32
Forum: Players
Topic: Ronaldinho becoming over weight?
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Ronaldinho becoming over weight?

The press has criticized Ronaldinho for becoming over weight. Personally i think this is a load of crap. Look at the vid of him!
by redrover365
14 Oct 2007, 03:28
Forum: Skills
Topic: Suggestions about Speed Routine
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I think this is a great plan just do it 2-3 times a week instead of 2. Youll see a lot more improvement faster
by redrover365
13 Oct 2007, 19:59
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Whats better? The Vapor III or the
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Whats better? The Vapor III or the

what is better. Mercurial Vapor III boot or the Tiempo Ronaldihno FG?
by redrover365
16 Sep 2007, 19:13
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Girl Problems Thread!!
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by redrover365
16 Sep 2007, 19:04
Forum: Skills
Topic: Reading a dive
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Reading a dive

When keepers are defending a penalty kick, they should never jump back and forth before diving. it is easily read that the keeper is going to dive so the shooter usually shoots it in the centre of the goal whilst the goalie dives to one side.