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by RealMadridFan.inPR
28 Jan 2006, 19:37
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Religion
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Wow, what a thread. I havent been here in a while, anyways. well, im catholic, and I study in an ALL catholic School ( except that there is one jew hahahaha, funny. ) well, there is absolutely NO reason to prejudice against Muslims, We Even study Islam in my Religion Class!!! The Islamic religion, i...
by RealMadridFan.inPR
29 Dec 2005, 19:08
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Shaving your legs?
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RG900 wrote: man do u shave ur legs?? Mr.SoccerMojo wrote: Hell no!! I'm not gayit's just that I've heard it my whole life & was wanting to know if any tried it? Soccermojo, this thread isnt turning out how u wanted it right? haha. I dont shave my legs, or better said I havent, because i want to fo...
by RealMadridFan.inPR
29 Dec 2005, 19:00
Forum: Players
Topic: Cicinho at Real Madrid
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Cicinho at Real Madrid

Cicinho is the Newest Player at Real Madrid.

I think this will make some good changes, we have been having bad luck lately and not playing very well but I think having Cicinho should help us out of this big black hole.

What are your thoughts on this?
by RealMadridFan.inPR
29 Dec 2005, 18:53
Forum: Tactics
Topic: Carrying the ball against rules (without arms of course)
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Who saw the movie "Kicking and Screaming". The little kids do that in the movie and win, but not only did one kid balance the ball on the back of his head and neck, but they all did a formation around him. that of course im thinking is totally ilegal right?
by RealMadridFan.inPR
26 Dec 2005, 18:33
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Happy Holidays & New Years
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Great Thread or what? lol j.k

Christmas was great, most of my things werent soccer-related but I did get some soccer shirts and some $$$. so you know what that means!
by RealMadridFan.inPR
24 Dec 2005, 00:02
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Happy Holidays & New Years
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Happy Holidays & New Years

Hey, Im not sure if I should have dont this in "the wall" but w.e.
Happy Holidays everyone, and after that, Happy New Years!
2006 shall bring new improvements and experiences in the world of soccer and everything else. so hav a good one!
by RealMadridFan.inPR
23 Dec 2005, 23:53
Forum: Community
Topic: Male or Female?
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sOcCeRKiD11 wrote:im male

a guy
Darn! now why didnt I Think of that??

Im a male 2! ..yes a guy
by RealMadridFan.inPR
23 Dec 2005, 23:34
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Winter Time
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indoor soccer, we dont have a winter season in PR but you could go to the gym, play indoor, run, even swim in an indoor pool. or if u dont have time just have a soccer ball with u around the house, as in u go to the kitchen, dribble or juggle ur ball there, things like that, but try not to break any...
by RealMadridFan.inPR
23 Dec 2005, 23:32
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: What do you do in your free time outside of football
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im sorta the other way. in my spare time I play soccer. because usually i am studying, in the computer, at the conservatory of music ( im a musician ).
unless i am in vacation, i usually go out to the mall or movies w/ my friends, be in the computer, or playing pool or music.
by RealMadridFan.inPR
23 Dec 2005, 22:57
Forum: Equipment
Topic: What ball for tarmac? (Lunchtime games lol)
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i think instead of u getting a ball for school, just get money for balls. because, since you have brought balls before and they all get torn up just ask for about $45 and there u have 3 cheap $15 balls instead of getting just one.
by RealMadridFan.inPR
21 Dec 2005, 01:52
Forum: Freestyle Soccer
Topic: Fun with music..
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i could put up a really long list. im sure alot of ppl could. these are the ones i can remember: Steppenwolf- "magic carpet ride" Steppenwolf- "born to be wild" Dave Matthews Band- "smooth rider" & alot of others... SR71- "right now", "politically incorrect" HIM- "rip out the wings of a butterfly" C...
by RealMadridFan.inPR
16 Dec 2005, 23:18
Forum: European Football
Topic: Real Madrid vs Arsenal
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Real Madrid vs Arsenal

Feb 21 2006. Champions League match:
Real Madrid
this is gonna be a very interesting match.
what are your thoughts about it?
by RealMadridFan.inPR
16 Dec 2005, 23:12
Forum: Competition
Topic: Should i play indoor or wait until the spring?
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wow, hard decision, just depends which one u like best. here in Puerto Rico we have the luck, we have summer all year round. we play in school at the basketball courts using the basket poles as goals. its alot of fun. In my neighborhood, my friends and i play all the time so it wouldnt matter to us,...
by RealMadridFan.inPR
16 Dec 2005, 22:43
Forum: Skills
Topic: Beating aggressive defender
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i think he means like when u are playing with people who dont really play soccer. people who, as u have the ball, just come and jump on u or just violate all rules of personal space and get close enough for a hug. dealing with these is very hard, and it ticks me off, im not sure about you guys. but ...
by RealMadridFan.inPR
16 Dec 2005, 22:40
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: rugby or american football?
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I am proud to recall, there is only ONE type of football, the other.. its savaregy. as far as rugby goes, its cool but ive never really played it seriously. i like that shirt. also this one