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by DP7
15 Jul 2010, 02:59
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Nike Topic.
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for those that have gotten the synthetic laser iii's, do they stretch a lot? is it basically like with kangaroo leather or is it less. i've never had synthetic boots before
by DP7
01 May 2010, 21:39
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Foot pain when kicking ball
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Foot pain when kicking ball

My foot has been very sensitive when I've been taking kicks lately. Whenever I take an especially powerful kick I get a pain that seems to shoot all around my foot. This pain seems to stem from a point along the side of my foot. It's the side by my big toe and it's a little bit in front of the ankle...
by DP7
24 Jan 2008, 04:41
Forum: Tactics
Topic: confidence lack
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Confidence is crucial to performing at your best level. Often you can have the skills, but by not believing that you do, well, you play badly. I used to always have this problem. Really badly. I was scared of having the ball. There were actually times where i hoped my teammates would pass to someone...
by DP7
19 Jan 2008, 02:42
Forum: Skills
Topic: Hows my Shot
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Real nice. You got some good bend on a couple of those.
by DP7
19 Jan 2008, 02:39
Forum: Tactics
Topic: What position suits me?
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I'd definately put you at center mid. With somewhat of a free role. Kind of like Ballack or Gerrard.
by DP7
19 Jan 2008, 02:26
Forum: Competition
Topic: Where realisticly would you like to be when you turn 18 ....
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At 18, well.... Senior year of high school I see myself as captain of the school team, and leading the team to first in the division, and several games into the state championships. I also see myself playing for a good club team that has some reputation. Then getting into a D1 college, and onto a PD...
by DP7
10 May 2007, 23:46
Forum: Skills
Topic: In this topic, we say everything we're BAD at
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-left leg
-under pressure situations
by DP7
10 May 2007, 23:38
Forum: Skills
Topic: special move
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Yeah, I also do stepovers or the occasional Zidane roulette. But simple cuts and unexpected turns work quite well against defenders as well.