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by Mattinho
13 Dec 2007, 20:32
Forum: Skills
Topic: I have a problem
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Just don't panic when you need to dribble, relax and think that you are playing with your friends, with no pressure. Things will go easier for you (this helps me a lot), and when you'll finally relax you will be able to dribble. And practice your ball control, as soon as you got free time, roll the ...
by Mattinho
13 Dec 2007, 20:19
Forum: Skills
Topic: Ball control on bumpy(uneven) ground.
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First touch is the most important. Try to get to the ball as soon as possible, that way there are smaller chances for the ball to jump out your way. Go for the ball, don't wait for the ball to come to you, and be ready for the ball to change direction so you can react imediately. And I think bumpy g...
by Mattinho
13 Dec 2007, 20:09
Forum: Skills
Topic: The Famous C.Ronaldo's 'behind my leg with my other foot'
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Well, I'm using this chop a lot in the game, and it's not really hard, you don't need much learning to do, just try it out alone several times. It's pretty useful if you do it right.
by Mattinho
01 May 2007, 08:50
Forum: Equipment
Topic: Post Your Boots !
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The boots I have are:


by Mattinho
01 May 2007, 08:45
Forum: Equipment
Topic: How many soccer balls do you own?
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right now I have Nike T90 Swift (blue-white), Adidas Teamgeist (red-silver), and before that I had Nike Mercurial Speed (gold-white) and Adidas ball from 2002 World Cup
by Mattinho
01 May 2007, 08:32
Forum: Skills
Topic: In this topic, we say everything we're BAD at
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Ok, here are my weaknesses:

- my left-leg passings are sometimes to weak
- sometimes I'm way too nervous
- heading the ball
- defending
- consistancy (sometimes I play really good, but sometimes I screw up)
by Mattinho
01 May 2007, 08:24
Forum: Skills
Topic: DOGs
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It's a really good idea that, practicing with a dog. But I'll not try that because I don't have a dog and I'm a little bit afraid of them, I don't want to get bitten by them. Just one time I've tried to dribble a dog and it ended with me running away from him, and with a little hole in ball :lol:
by Mattinho
01 May 2007, 08:02
Forum: Fitness
Topic: WORST INJURY !!!!!!!
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my worst injury happened just before 1 week. I broke my left arm and now i can't play football for 1 month (in 3 weeks time they will remove that "scotchcast" that is on my arm). That happened when I went to pick the ball but i accidentaly placed my foot on it and fell over it. :( Does anyone know h...