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by michael feurtado
20 Jun 2005, 01:19
Forum: Videos
Topic: Discuss Mig Freestyle
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i could barely see what you were doing the video was to fuzzy but u should try and make up some of your own moves be original, but the was one good thing about the video and the was the boot that shoes is sick .
by michael feurtado
08 Jun 2005, 18:55
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Running/jog time how long for 3.5km?
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what u have to do when ur running to just get yourself in playing fitness is to not think about running just get in your grove think about something else to take your mind off it [/quote]
by michael feurtado
07 Jun 2005, 18:41
Forum: Rest of the World
Topic: Beckham in MLS?
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I think that he would at the end of his career when his over-rated run has come to an end overseas than i think that he would come to the MLS