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by Middleman13
22 Jul 2010, 01:57
Forum: Skills
Topic: how many reps for each drill?
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till u run out of breath
by Middleman13
19 Feb 2010, 17:38
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Movies to watch while stoned..
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dragon ball z is great to watch while your high

ONly thing that bother's me is that it effexts my fitness
by Middleman13
04 Feb 2009, 00:00
Forum: Skills
Topic: how can i train?
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pretty self explanetory.

Train when theres no snow. get your touch back and try to get one a team. not too complex
by Middleman13
27 Jan 2009, 20:40
Forum: Competition
Topic: trial in Europe
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trial in Europe

I got an email the other day from a registered scout on fifa for going to a trial over in england in oldham..did anyone get this? casue it seemed like a generic email
by Middleman13
18 Jan 2009, 18:10
Forum: Competition
Topic: Need help from experienced players or pros to get better!
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All the stuff that mint said is good , but the key is repitition. You have to be juggling, Trappin balls off the wall, dribbling through cones etc.. EVERY DAY Then you will see improvment
by Middleman13
04 Jan 2009, 20:30
Forum: Off the Field
Topic: Is there an ideologi in football ?
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The English play a fast paced game with no room for mistakes.

The South Americans Play A game with cheecky moves and risky plays.

Germans play the Physical game.

Itlaians play like a mix between the english and the souht americans.

Spain is alot like S america

Not sure how asia plays
by Middleman13
01 Jan 2009, 22:18
Forum: Competition
Topic: Try-outs- Help with position
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I would say right back or right mid
by Middleman13
01 Jan 2009, 22:14
Forum: Competition
Topic: ODP Tryouts
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Play hard, Play composed, and Dont be afraid to show out.

Pass but do some cheecky stuff also.
by Middleman13
30 Dec 2008, 02:26
Forum: Fitness
Topic: Weights
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Work out.

Do different sprint exercises
by Middleman13
29 Dec 2008, 02:51
Forum: Fitness
Topic: wight
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Go to the wieght room couple times a week
by Middleman13
17 Dec 2008, 04:56
Forum: Players
Topic: Player Vs. Player
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Toni cause hes a bad ass and dives :lol:

Guti vs Xavi
by Middleman13
14 Dec 2008, 22:27
Forum: Skills
Topic: in Game situation
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You cant always go foward.

But.. Try taking your first touch away from your defender and then face up to him. If he's a good defender he wont dive in and try to get the ball right away , Rather hold you and force you to pass
by Middleman13
14 Dec 2008, 22:22
Forum: Skills
Topic: Commited
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How the fu** dont you have motivation not to eat fattyfoods.

You just got letters from real madrid and man u.
by Middleman13
12 Dec 2008, 00:59
Forum: Skills
Topic: VERY important tryouts
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justwork on your first touch mostly becasaue that is the most important skill.

Kick againt wall ..trap it diff ways.

Make sh*t up anything helps
by Middleman13
12 Dec 2008, 00:53
Forum: Skills
Topic: Jump-starting my game
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Dont even worry man. find what your bad at and train it. If its a confidence problem..your the only one that can help u with that